Thursday, March 15, 2012

Conversation with a cashier

I made a quick trip to Walmart, with all four kids, to grab a couple of things I needed just before dinner. They did surprisingly well. Anyway, as I was checking out, the cashier, who looked like she was about my age said, "Oh! I just saw your whole stomach move."
I smiled and nodded and continued putting items on the belt.
"Let me guess. Two weeks left?" the cashier asked.
"Ha! Two months, actually." I answered with a smile.
"Really!?" she said, as if this was the most surprising thing she'd ever heard. And then a few seconds later she adds, in a very matter-of-fact tone, "So it's twins then."
"Nope. One baby."
"Really? Wow." She can't seem to wrap her head around what I'm saying. "I never got that big." she adds, really emphasizing the word, 'never'. I just nodded my head again. Then she looks around at all my other children as she hands me my receipt and says, "well, maybe with multiple babies..."
"Nope," I interrupted. "I was this big with all of them. Have a nice day!" I added brightly.

I wasn't mad or distraught by what she said, mostly just amused. I've been in similar situations many times. Of course I had to recount all the details to Scott once he got home to which he wisely answered, "Honey, I think you're beautiful. And they only think that because you're so small everywhere else." Which, I might add, is not really true, but I was happy to hear him say it anyway. Mostly I think it has to do with my body type. Perhaps there's just not a whole lot of room in my torso area or perhaps it's already so crowded with other things that the baby has no where to go but out. I can tell I'm pregnant by looking in a mirror around 8 weeks. Others can tell around 10 weeks. I'm not one who can keep pregnancy a secret for long because people can see for themselves that something is going on. It really does stick out a lot so it's not surprising to me that I get as many comments from strangers as I do. And around this point in time I always wonder, "How in the world is this baby going to be able to get any bigger? There is no room!" You know what else is weird? I've never had stretch marks. With how much I stretch, I would normally think that impossible.

I think it's hilarious when children will come up to me, standing a few inches back from my belly(many of my kids friends are as tall as my belly so it seems like it's right in their face) and they'll just stare. For 30 seconds or so. Sometimes they'll stare without saying anything, and then walk away. And sometimes, after looking at it for awhile, probably trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together, they'll ask, "You have a baby?" It's really cute. Annabelle gives my tummy a kiss every night before she goes to bed and says, "And a kiss for the baby." But that's the extent of her love toward my baby/tummy. Charlie is my one child that is constantly rubbing my tummy and giving it hugs and kisses. This little girl is going to be very loved when she makes her appearance in the world.


Krissy said...

You are so easy-going Elisa. I'm not sure how I would handle that if I were in your shoes, but I'm guessing I might cry. haha

mary said...

That cashier - really, WHAT IS SHE THINKING?!?! You seriously have the best attitude! I can totally hear you saying something so cheerful to her, just letting it roll off your back like no big deal (which is exactly what you should do.) You are such a good example. And that Scott, he is a gem.

The Horne's said...

My goodness. It's crazy to me what people say. I think I'm the opposite - I don't carry huge (although I feel like it) but I have small stretch marks from first one and have a few more from this one :-( But I'm fairly small, so it's really just elasticity of skin and genetics, etc. I'm sure. You look beautiful. I love big bellies! Thankfully our hubbies love them too! :-D

carrie r. said...

Goodness, some people have no filter. Although I can't really point a finger because I've had plenty of foot-in-the-mouth moments where my brain just wasn't turned on and I later realized I said something insensitive and wish I could retract it. For that reason I try not be offended either when people (funny how it is often cashiers!) say insensitive things and I think it is great that you were kind about it. Also, you look fabulous before, during, and after your pregnancies. You are a gorgeous girl and I don't think Scott was just saying what good husbands say, you really are very small everywhere else and that can definitely effect how big your belly looks to in relation to the rest of you!