Friday, March 2, 2012

Children's Museum at Temple Square

In the museum of Church History and Art at Temple Square, if you travel up to the second floor, they have a free interactive children's museum. My kids love spending time there so we usually try and make a trip there whenever they're off track. We went the Saturday before they went back to school so Dad was able to come with us as well. They have a few games you can play on the computers(pioneer game and something else), a station where you can try and copy egyptian script for translating the scriptures,
a large wooden nativity set with clothes that you can stick on the wooden dolls and take off,
an area to dress up in vests or colorful skirts and dance like senors and senoritas to a video...there are big mirrors just across from the videos so you can watch yourself and see the video while you dance,

fishing on Noah's ark(or maybe it was a different ship from the scriptures...I didn't pay close attention), soft but very large building cushions to make a temple out of, a couple of cultural movies to watch,
a large kitchen area that has a dining room table with two missionaries painted on the wall sitting with you at dinner, lots of play foods and utensils, and just around the corner is a garden where you can pull out wooden fruit and stuffed play hens in a coop you can take out and gather the plastic eggs they have laid. And here are the girls in the stationery truck with animals in the back perhaps making a delivery.

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