Tuesday, March 27, 2012

34 Weeks, Canon and Bosch

Not much new from the last post at 32 weeks, just heavier which means I'm going to the bathroom even more, walking even slower, and feeling a little more soreness in my back and legs. Luckily, I have an amazing husband who has been giving me back rubs each night for the past couple of months(as a side note, Scott deserves a second shout out for this past weekend. He came home an hour and a half early from work Friday and said, "If you have anything you need to do, go ahead and do it" and he stayed home with the kids. He is such a gem!). And my children have been wonderful helpers, folding laundry, picking up after themselves and their baby sister who is constantly getting into things and making messes. A quick funny story: for Family Home Evening last week we had a lesson on work. Scott asked us all to share a chore we liked to do and a chore we didn't really like to do. When it was my turn to share a chore I didn't like, their was a brief pause and then Elisabeth, our almost 8-year-old, said in all seriousness, "Oh, this is going to be hard for Mom. Right, Mom? You love having a clean house. You love to clean everything, and you do it all the time!"
"Really? You think I love to clean everything?" I said with a chuckle and I'm sure a twinkle in my eye.
"Yeah, well you do don't you?" she asked. Then I realized that what she was saying was a pretty nice compliment. Why? Because that means I've been doing a pretty good job about not complaining or whining. Now that I think about it, when I clean, many times I sing, or hum, or I'll turn on music and dance as I'm putting things away(yes, even at 34 weeks I'm still dancing). So, thank you Elisabeth. I hope I can continue to live up to those standards.

Annabelle snapped a couple of pictures of me recently(she sometimes cuts off the top of the head...understandable since she's 4-years-old). I usually wear some type of cardigan over my humungous belly so it's not quite so astonishing to others. This is the white button up shirt I wore as a cover up today for church.

I took off the button up shirt when we got home and snapped another picture in front of the mirror and Holy Hannah! Look at that! No wonder people can't help but stop and stare or make a remark :). I would too! Ah, but check out my new camera! I'm so excited to have a camera that takes better quality pictures, one I can throw in my purse and take everywhere, and one that takes close-ups that aren't blurry! Wahoo! I'd done some research, with the help of my photographer friend Lindsay, and so I had a couple I was keeping my eye on. I found this one for a great deal on Amazon. It's called the Canon Powershot s90. I got it in 'like-new' condition, so used, for a whole lot less. It came with all it's original stuff, most of it still packaged and all in fantastic condition, plus it came with a carrying bag and a memory card! I'm thrilled and loving it!

And speaking of getting used items, there has been one other thing I've been looking for, used, the past couple of months and that is a Bosch Mixer(they last forever which is why I wanted one with the used price). I've been borrowing my neighbor and good friend Maren's every week for the past while(thank you so much Maren!) so that I could make 4 loaves of wheat bread for my family each week, which is what we go through. I have seen several come and go on our local classified ads, but I'm never quick enough and someone always beats me to the punch, even though I check this website a couple of times a day. Anyway, I finally got lucky(actually, luck had nothing to do with it. I finally got smart and started praying about it every night and morning. And yes, He(the Lord) even cares about the silly things that make us happy...if they're good silly things of course) and I found a Bosch Universal, about 5 years old, that comes with the dough hook, whisk and dough paddle attachments for almost a third of the price. I'm so grateful to have this and will be putting it to good use!

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The Horne's said...

Elisa, you look so great. You have the PERFECT bump!!! You do not look that huge. Maybe I'd need to see you in person, but you look like a pregnant person, due soon, with one baby! You look great!