Tuesday, March 13, 2012

32 Weeks

8 weeks left to go which means I am in the single digits for weeks! Wahoo! And the bumps on my legs are gone! Double wahoo! I didn't think they'd go away until after the baby was born because of all the pressure constricting the blood flow to veins etc, but I guess if I eat good foods, that helps out a lot. When they came and were at their worst was when I was eating a lot more processed foods when I was sick with this pregnancy. I kept things like french fries and tator tots in my freezer to eat fairly regularly because everything else sounded awful, and I needed some quick frozen meals that Scott could handle when he got off of work.

The weather is warming up here and we are absolutely loving it. I've been able to walk to school a few times recently to pick up Elisabeth which both the kids and I enjoy. Though Annabelle and Jane are getting a little more difficult for me to push around in my double stroller. I would let Annabelle ride her tricycle there and back if it weren't for the memory of 6 months ago when she threw the biggest screaming/crying tantrum on our walk home because she was tired and hot and wanted to stop but we couldn't just leave her bike. I know she's older now, and it's not as hot as summer, but I'm just not sure if she could make it that far still...it's only about a mile but I think we'll need to practice doing laps around our neighborhood for awhile first before I allow her to try again. Besides our occasional walks around the neighborhood, I still try and do the tredmill 5 days a week for about 45 minutes to an hour which ends up being about 2.5-3 miles. It's getting harder and I have to slow down sometimes to stop contractions that get uncomfortable when I'm walking quickly. I do want the baby to come early, but not this early. Once I hit May 1st, I plan on walking a lot more and a lot faster :). Maybe I'll try and do some Tae Bo then too. We'll see how it goes. By the way, I've gained 30 lbs now. So 5 lbs in two weeks. I'm pretty sure that's the way it'll be until the end now. Usually the last month my face will really start to widen and look....different. It's interesting all the things that happen to our bodies when we're getting ready to give birth.

Oh, and something not to do with the pregnancy: did you notice Elisabeth's face in the picture above? It healed from her sledding accident last week! The last of her very large scab came off on Sunday, 8 days after her accident. She was super good about leaving it alone and not picking at it(probably because whenever her hand came close to it I'd remind her that if she scratched it and peeled it off it'd most likely leave a scar on her face, so just leave it be and it would fall off on it's own when it was ready). If you look closely at her face, you can still see some whitish marks, but they're not bad at all and I think those will go away soon. Charlie's is looking all better as well.


kelley said...

One of my go-to foods for this first trimester was frozen fries or hashbrowns! I don't know it is about the warm, crunchy potatoes but they always sounded appealing and satisfying. How funny!

The Horne's said...

Yes, I LOVED Tatertots with Brooklyn and I hadn't had them in YEARS!!! And like french bread! Yum I think carbs are all that sounds good at the beginning. I LOVE veggies and meats, but to think about those early one seem so gross. You look great Elisa!!! I have gainend 30 lbs now too. But started this pregnancy about 10 lbs heavier, so I'm pretty much right where I was when I had BK now...and I still have about 5 more weeks to go.... we shall see.
Good for you for walking. I get SUCH bad sciatic nerve pain when I walk, and also really bad "feels like side aches" when I walk, in stores, at the mall, just around etc. So a treadmill would be really painful for me. So good job!
I have really noticed a drop in my energy. I'm SO tired alllllll the time. :-(