Friday, February 3, 2012

Work and Play

Dad taking the doors off the fridge and freezer and switching them to the other side so they open from the right instead of the left. (when it opened from the left, you couldn't open it all the way when the dishwasher was open, which was often)
Elisabeth working on piano. She practices for 30 minutes, 5 days a week. She's starting with a new teacher soon because her last teacher just had her fifth baby and will be done teaching for awhile.
Charlie and Jane playing with tools.
Annabelle working on writing her letters. She knows all of her alphabet letters and sounds though struggles with writing a few of them. 'K' for example is really hard for her to write.
Scott working on the front door. He got to use his new drill and put in a new door handle and bolt. The old bolt made the door extremely difficult to open and get out. Which can be nice when you have little ones you don't want opening the door, but it's a little embarrassing when guests can't open it either :). Not that embarrassing, but I figure, if an adult can't figure it out, it could be a fire hazard.

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