Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine Banner

The kids and I did some Valentine crafts today. The kids made Valentine envelopes so that when we write our traditional love letters to each other, we can stick them in their envelopes.

3-year-old (almost 4)Annabelle using scissors for perhaps the first time ever. I keep scissors out of reach for just about all the kids because I don't want things like hair or clothes cut, which has happened in the past. And wait, I take back that first sentence. I know she used scissors at least once when she put a cut in her skirt and shirt. But she wasn't ever given instructions on how to use the scissors so we had a little lesson on how to hold them today.She did pretty good.

I have been searching Pinterest for a Valentine banner I could duplicate and put over our fireplace mantle in our front room. I didn't ever find one I loved and then the other day I was reading friends blogs and my friend Monique had a picture posted of some of her Valentine decorations, one of which was the cutest Valentine banner. I zoomed in on her picture to try and figure out how she did it and then I made a similar one. I worked on it today while the kids worked on their Valentine envelopes. Everything turned out great! And now I have a Valentine decoration besides the one's my kids like to make and hang each year(but don't get me wrong, those are great too). I had nearly all the supplies on hand(construction paper, toole, an ink stamp pad and sponge I used to antique the edges, and a friend cut out letters for me on her cricut!), I just had to buy a few pieces of cute 'Valentiney' scrapbook paper which I found on sale at Michaels.

Like the tiny sponge I used? It was one of Charlie's little critters that start out in a tiny little ball and once you soak it in water it turns into this spongey creature. :) These are all my pieces before I antiqued them.

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The Frosts said...

Your banner turned out darling! I just saw your comment about it earlier today so sorry I didn't help you with it! You managed just fine on your own!