Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Marilla Moment

Have any of you ever seen Anne of Green Gables? There is a part when Marilla's special brooch goes missing and she thinks it was Anne. Anne tells her she didn't do it but Marilla doesn't believe her and says that until she tells the truth, she won't be going to the neighborhood party that evening. So Anne comes up with a story about how she lost the brooch, even though she didn't ever take it. Marilla gets mad that Anne fesses up and tells her how she lost it, but soon after finds her brooch on one of her own shalls. She feels bad for blaming Anne. She goes to talk with Anne about why Anne made up that story and Anne says, "because you wouldn't believe the truth."

I had a Marilla moment today. The kids are off track now. We were getting ready to have snack and I noticed someone had finished all the pancakes and someone(obviously a child by the handwriting) had written numbers all over our eggs. Neither one was a big deal, but I wanted to know who had done it(they were supposed to stay out of the kitchen until snack time because from previous experiences when the kids are out of school, if I don't set up time schedules for the kitchen, I am literally in there all day getting different people food and cleaning up). They all denied everything. After awhile Annabelle said that she and Jane ate the pancakes. But still no one would confess to writing the numbers on the eggs. I knew it had to be Elisabeth or Charles because Jane and Annabelle can't write numbers yet. When I told them this, they still both denied having done it. I told Elisabeth and Charles that I wanted to figure this out before they got their snack.

A couple minutes later Charles comes to me and says he did it. I figured it was him in the first place because I thought I saw a smile when I first noticed the numbers on all the eggs. When I asked him why he didn't just tell me in the first place because he wouldn't have gotten in trouble and I didn't really care if he wrote on them or not, that I just didn't want him to lie he said, "well I didn't do it, but I just said I did." I asked if he just said he did because he wanted to eat. He said yes. Finally I decided to call Scott at work. Maybe he could shed some light on the situation. And he did. You see, we just started buying eggs from someone new because our old contact sold her chickens. Scott said when he bought the eggs, he noticed they'd all been numbered. I know this family has children who collect their eggs and for some reason, they must have numbered them. I felt horrible when I found out the truth. I told the children I was sorry that I didn't believe them and that I was glad they didn't give in but that they stuck to the truth. Don't you hate those bad mommy moments? I'm happy we finally figured it out.

Here are pictures of the kids having their quiet/school time today while Jane napped. First thing this morning we wrote out a schedule because we all do SO much better when we have things all planned and mapped out. Later today or tomorrow will be a Valentine craft.

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