Saturday, February 4, 2012

Everybody's Barn

Elisabeth telling the horse to "speak" with her hands and with her words.
The girls feeding Bow.

Our friends invited us to go visit, "Everybody's Barn" this past week. At 'Everybody's Barn', they have miniature ponies they've trained to do tricks: speak(moving their lips like they're talking), rear up on hind legs, knock, count with their hoof, open a toy chest, kick a soccer ball etc. The kids got to feed them and help give signals for the ponies to do tricks. The kids loved it and Annabelle keeps asking if we can go back. If you're a local or are ever visiting Utah and have little kids, you should check it out. They have movies/short tv shows you can watch, some animated some not, but both very kid friendly with a good message. Here is there website:

Annabelle was a little reluctant to get up and have the ponies do things. But she did when Dad went up with her; and like I mentioned above, now she can't stop talking about them.

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Casey said...

We've been there! The kids loved it. :)