Monday, February 20, 2012

Dolphin Cake

One of Elisabeth's best friends just had a birthday and I offered to decorate the cake; her mom is a good friend of mine and brought the baked cakes over to my house so that I wouldn't have to do that step. I cut and stacked them and decorated them with a dolphin theme as per request.

Cake decorating details: I covered the cakes in blue butter cream frosting. I had a cookie cutter in the shape of a star fish that I used to gently press in the side of the cakes and trace over with the circle tip 3 and then filled in with star tip 16. For the dolphins, I free-handed a big and small dolphin in pencil on a piece of paper(or you could just print one out and cut it), cut out the paper and then gently pressed those into the cake where I wanted my dolphins and then traced those outlines with tip 3 and 5 and filled them in with frosting. The plants were done with leaf tip 352, the rock border on the bottom tier with circle tip 10 and the shell borders on the top tier in tips 21(base of top tier)and 18(top of top tier). The 'sand' around the base of the cake is brown sugar.

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