Friday, February 10, 2012

Date swap

I've mentioned before that another family and ours swap babysitting each month: they go on a date one month and then Scott and I go the next. We decided for February, since it's Valentine's, that we'd swap twice and each get a turn to go on a date. Scott and I are going out this weekend! It's always something the whole family looks forward too. Annabelle and their Elizabeth are best friends and play barbies or house most of the time. Our 4 oldest kids(there 2 and our 2) get along really well and our babies like to walk around together with their strollers and babies :). Last weekend we watched their kids. Scott played sports with the big kids outside, we ate pasta, veggies and fruit for dinner, we played 'Pin the Heart on Cupids Arrow' (I had to make a game for Charlie's kindergarten class so I already had this all ready) and then played some more and watched part of A Dolphin Tale.

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