Friday, February 24, 2012

Charlie's cavities

Since the kids are off track, I thought now would be a good time to schedule a cleaning with their dentist. This was Annabelle's first real cleaning and x-rays, and she did okay. She hated the taste of the 'bubblegum' toothpaste and when they started that part of the cleaning, her legs, which were laying flat and relaxed, quickly tensed up and she brought her knees up to her chest. She was so tense. She made them stop a couple of times, sat up at one point with tears in her eyes and looking to me expectantly. I told her they were almost done and that we just needed to finish up really quick. They were able to do all they needed with Annabelle, so all in all I'd call it a good visit for her. Elisabeth and Annabelle both came away with out any cavities. Charles on the other hand has four cavities.

One of the four is small so we can wait on that one and see if it'll go away with good brushing and flossing. But the other three needed to be taken care of. This shouldn't have come as a surprise because even though he spends five plus minutes in the bathroom each night with the door shut supposedly brushing his teeth, he has admitted before that he doesn't really brush his teeth. I think he just plays with the water. So now Scott or I will need to be sure to monitor and help out with brushing and flossing for our 6-year-old.

Charles went into the dentist again a few days later to have his three cavities taken care of. He got right in the chair and lay down, but when the dentist asked him to open his mouth so they could put the numbing gel on his gums, Charles refused. He would not open his mouth for anything. Next we tried to get him to wear the laughing gas mask, but he refused to do that as well. The dentist talked with me and told me that maybe we should reschedule in the near future and at that time, for me to give Charles valium an hour before the appointment so they can put the mask on him and do their work. Drugs for my 6 year old to work on his teeth? Uh...that didn't sound very fantastic to me. So I asked them to give me a few minutes to talk with Char, and then I decided, if this didn't work, I'd wait a year or so until he was a little older and we'd try again. I know the dentist says they need to be taken care of soon, but unless Charlie gets to the point where he is in severe pain(which I think would be a good motivator for him to listen to the dentist anyway), I think I'd rather wait it out a bit until he's older. So I talked with Char.

First I explained that the thing that goes over his nose is just like one of his other play masks, that he can breathe perfectly well with it on. Then I told him that he needed to have this done and that if he wouldn't let them put the mask on and work on his teeth today, we'd have to come back again and he'd have to do it then and if we waited too long to come back, his teeth would get bigger holes and they might have to pull them out. Then I told Charles that if he would do this and listen and follow what the dentist asked him to do, we could do something really fun afterward and then I asked him what he would like to do more than anything. His answer, "Go to McDonalds". I cringed inside but then smiled and said, "okay, we'll go to McDonalds today". He knows I mean what I say and so he smiled big and said, 'okay'. He knows I hate McDonalds, so this was big. Charlie allowed the dentist to come in and do his thing. Once he was numb, it probably only took the dentist about 10 minutes to fix all three cavities which was nice. The dentist was really good and talked to him the whole time and would tell him about all his different tools and allow him to feel them on his finger etc which I think helped relax Charles a bit. Let's hope we can teach Charles better dental hygiene over the next little while so that he won't have to get that last cavity filled, but rather, help it to go away on it's own. Oh, and on our way out the door, I told Charles we could go to McDonalds for lunch, or we could go to a movie or do something else, and that it was totally up to him. He got excited and said, "jumping jacks!", which is a bounce house place for kids, so we ended up going to a place with lots of bounce houses(though not actually 'jumping jacks') that afternoon which was even better! They had a blast and both Elisabeth and Charles asked if we could celebrate their next birthdays there.

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mary said...

Oh heavens, I can't believe the dentist seriously suggested you give him valium! Honestly?! I think your methods are so much better!!