Thursday, February 16, 2012

Annabelle is Four!

Annabelle has been counting down the days to her birthday for quite some time. Being the third child, she has always felt like she should be older. Even now she's already talking about how in a year she'll be five and then six like Charles. I love the picture above of Annabelle with her cupcakes! Isn't she a doll? She is so full of life and joy and energy. We all love to be with Annabelle.

Annabelle requested pink rose cupcakes for her birthday this year. The day before her birthday I baked half the batter and tossed the rest. Annabelle helped make the batter, and the frosting and she helped put the sprinkles on a few of the cupcakes. As a side note, when we had the cupcakes tonight after dinner she only ate one really small bite and then said she was done. She's not a huge sweet eater. I think we're going to freeze the leftover four cupcakes and let the kids have them on Jane's birthday next month. Our day went as follows:
Wake up, open presents, eat German pancakes with whipped cream, play with new gifts(art kit and watched her new barbie movie),

Elisabeth made Annabelle a book with different barbie princesses on each page with some descriptions on that particular princess. Charlie made her some nice pictures and as well.

We made Elisabeth a pillow out of a t-shirt last year that she loves so we decided to do the same thing for Annabelle this year. Now Charlie wants one, too.

go to the park, play at home some more, eat at Sweet Tomatoes for dinner, go shopping at Target with Mom after dinner with the gift card she got from grandparents, and then cupcakes back at home with the family. I think she had a really nice day. Happy Birthday Annabelle!


kelley said...

I love Sweet Tomatoes! I'm so sad that there isn't one near me anymore.
Happy birthday pretty girl!

Lindsay said...

Oh I'm glad you tried sweet tomatoes as a family! It's our favorite place to go with all our kids! We'll probably do it for Owens b-day since it is his favorite! It's nice to not have to wait at all for waiters--the kids can just help themselves.

carrie r. said...

She really is a doll. She just looks like such a sweetheart. Happy Birthday Annabelle! I wish my kids could take one bite of a cupcake and be happy (or myself for that matter... lol)