Wednesday, February 29, 2012

30 weeks!

Scott and I put the babycenter app on his ipod touch awhile back. Every week we get a message letting us know what week I am in pregnancy and how big the baby is etc. When Scott got a message last night that I was 30 weeks, I couldn't contain my joy. I shouted, 'Whee!' like Liesl from the sound of music when she gets her first kiss :). Elisabeth couldn't understand my excitement....though I'm sure she will some day when she's in similar shoes. I'm so happy to be in the final 10 weeks of pregnancy! And this means that next week I'll be in the single digits for weeks. I was also just thinking that the next time my kids go off track will be when the baby is due!

Not much news at 30 weeks except that I'm so hungry. All the time. This started happening about a week ago. I've been pretty good about controlling my cravings for the majority of this pregnancy, but when you're always hungry, it sure gets a lot harder. Yeah, for example, like last night I took out an expired strawberry cake box mix, divided the mix in half and made one, six inch round cake and one 8x8 pan of strawberry squares drizzled with powdered sugar and milk, and all because I was hungry, craving sweets and couldn't make up my why not both! Ugh! Why?! And then of course I paid for it that night. I did not sleep well, at all. I kept waking up to the littlest noises, even though my noise maker was on and I had nightmares! I haven't had nightmares in forever. Good thing I have Scott in bed with me; as long as I can reach out and touch him, I feel like everything will be alright. I think I slept with his hand in mine for several hours. At least I had the sense enough to throw away a good part of the leftovers today. I think I just need to be sure I'm getting enough high protein foods throughout the day that I don't get to that point where I feel like I'm starving. Though I really am eating a lot already. I love apples and peanut butter, raw almonds, granola with yogurt or kefir, hummus with flax crackers and veggies, all of which are very satisfying. I've also gained 25 lbs so far which we all know is not just baby who weighs approximately 3 lbs right now, so if I eat more, I'm pretty sure I'll be up to my typical 45-50lbs that I usually seem to gain.

Annabelle took these 30 week shots. When people ask when I'm due and I say May, they're generally really surprised. I've had people say things like, "Wow, you look like you're going to explode." or, "Man. You already look really uncomfortable." I usually just smile and think to myself, 'thanks man(it's usually a comment made by a man). Appreciate it.' I like to wear longer sleeves to cover up my not-so-toned triceps and to help play down the size of my belly. So here are two pictures, one with the long sleeved cover up piece, and one without.


The Horne's said...

Elisa, you look great. Wow, you have only gained 25 lbs?!?! I am 32 weeks and am right about 30 lbs now and started this pregnancy 13-13 lbs heavier than I did Brooklyns :/.
Yes, I know, getting to single digits is HUGE!!! I was SO happy. It's hard because since TJ is breech, I know I could have her on April 20 if she doesn't flip...which means I have 7 weeks left!! That's SO soon!!! So we'll see.
I too wear long sleeve. I don't really like wearing short sleeve during pregnancy, I don't like my arms either. Good thing it's winter :-D
Can't wait to hear the name of your little one and hear how she enters the world.

kelley said...

Happy single digits!! And seriously, you look great! Only 25 lbs? That's fantastic. You've done such a great job keeping healthy with 5 pregnancies.
And I'm not sure if I should be envious about this but I could never eat sweets very well while I was pregnant. Sugars [including just plain fruit or fruit juice] always makes me feel sick. But I WANTED to eat them. It was such a struggle!

Elisa said...

Thanks Heidi, I'll keep you posted and I look forward to hearing from you too!

I am envious of you kelley! If only I didn't crave sugars! That would be amazing! The only way I've been able to keep things under control for the most part is by having loads and loads of fruits on hand, all different kinds! Pineapple, strawberries, apples, oranges, bananas and grapefruit, blueberries and some frozen mixed berries are what we've got on hand right now :).

Angela said...

You look gorgeous no matter what state your body is in! Your personality makes you all the more beautiful. I love having you as another daughter in our family. You have the BEST and cutest kids because you spend so much time with them. We all miss them so much:(

What fun it is to have Sydney here so we can see her most every week and watch her grow and develop. She is quite the little character.

I'm trying to convince Scott to stay longer than the rest of us in July since he has more vacation. He will sometimes say how much he misses not having his son around. Poor guy, he has to deal with all of us girls. We are happy though that you and your family are doing so well where you are. I love ya!

Elisa said...

Angela, Oh, I hope he does stay longer! We would LOVE that! I'll tell Scott to talk to him about it. It would be fun to have him here for the 4th. And maybe they could go camping that weekend if he'll stay long enough. We miss having family around too.