Wednesday, February 15, 2012

28 weeks

Since the kids are off track I let Elisabeth come with me to my last doctors appointment so she could hear the baby's heart beat and get a general feel for how my appointments go. This was also the appointment where they do the gestational diabetes testing. I was able to get my glucose drink at my prior appointment and drink it at home so I wouldn't have to wait quite so long before they drew my blood, which was nice. When drawing my blood, the nurse missed my vein on the first prick and almost did the same on the second, but then wiggled it around and got the blood flowing. Elisabeth didn't really like that part :). She said seeing them fill the three tubes with blood was gross. The nurse said they'd call if something was wrong so hopefully I won't hear any news.

A few days ago I told Scott that I felt ready to have this baby. I'm feeling uncomfortable already and would like to be done soon :). He tried to offer comfort by reminding me that this could likely be my last pregnancy and that I should enjoy it. It was a good attempt on his part, but not very comforting. My breath is always short, baby seems to be getting in weird positions fairly frequently that make my lower right side of the back hurt, and I can't breathe whenever I bend over, which happens more often than I'd like. On the upside, the bumps on my legs have improved quite a bit. They don't bother me anymore and they've significantly shrunk in size. Also, as in previous pregnancies, strangers feel comfortable around me when I'm so obviously pregnant and will strike up conversations with me or just smile which is nice. Right now when I go out shopping, I'll either go alone or I'll take one of the kids with me because having all of them right now, in my size, is not only stressful but I can't keep up with them physically, they're too fast and they're much lower to the ground than I am so I just don't do it if I can possibly help it. Anyway, several times while out alone, people have asked if this is my first. It sounds a little strange to hear myself saying, "No, this will actually be the fifth."

Another upside is that I'm now in my last trimester! Hallelujah! I get so antsy and excited during this last trimester which almost makes the time seem to slow down, unfortunately. I like to sit and daydream about when and how everything will happen. What will I be doing when the contractions come on? Will it be during the day or night(though so far, our track record is that they always come at night...accept for Annabelle who I had induced). I like to think about what she'll look like, how big she'll be, what her name will be. We have a list of several first and middle names we like but we both have different first choices, as usual. So we probably won't decide for sure until we see her. Some names just seem more blonde and others more brunette to me :). Maybe that seems strange, but it's true. And since we have both combinations in our just never know. Alright, well, I think that's it for now.


The Horne's said...

Ah Elisa,
I'm with you. I wasn't uncomfortable ever with Brooklyn, but since about 25 weeks I have felt ready to have this sweet girl. Hitting 30 weeks feels like a huge milestone. Almost in single digit weeks. But 30 weeks is when the stretch marks started and the rapid growth happens. We can do it!! Hang in there! I'm really hoping to deliver this baby - if she isn't breech. So I have to tell myself to be patient too because I know at any time I could schedule my c-section at 39 weeks. But I know a natural delivery is best for me and for baby.
We are in the home stretch!!!! I love that people ask if this is your first baby!!! I'm sure they are SHOCKED to hear 5th!!

mary said...

I TOTALLY understand - I keep telling Dave that there are certain names that would only fit a blonde baby and certain names that would only fit a brunette baby. If this baby comes out with red hair (which could very well happen!) then I don't know what we'll do, because I don't really feel like I have any names for a redhead. Funny, huh?

And I too feel soooo weird saying this is my fourth baby. It sounds so grown-up. In fact, I pretty much echo this whole post. We've got 6-8 weeks left and I feel like it is FOREVER... I am so done living in a pregnant body!