Wednesday, February 1, 2012

26 Weeks

Here I am at 26 weeks. I read that the baby should be about two pounds now and 14 inches long! I'm sure that's more exciting for me than it is for anybody else :). At my last doctor's appointment(I went at 24 weeks), the doctor said I was measuring a week farther along(so 25 weeks rather than 24) which I was happy to hear. But of course, I won't set my hopes too high because though Jane came 10 days early, Annabelle was induced on her due date and the other two only came a few days early as well. I just hope she comes a little before her due date....a week or two would be fantastic! The next appointment I'll have the glucose screening done. Life is still going as normal, and like I mentioned in my last pregnancy post, day-to-day things are just getting a little more challenging with the growing baby, but still manageable. I'm not sure if this is true or if I just didn't keep very good records from before and can't remember, but in this fifth pregnancy, I feel like I'm getting a lot more uncomfortable earlier on. I always remember the last month being uncomfortable, but I'm uncomfortable already and I still have three months to go. And to add to my discomfort, I went in to see a dermatologist recently for two reasons: one a mole that seemed to have changed and two for a constantly peely and red nose. We(the doc and I) think the nose is from sun damage. My nose always gets burned in the spring and summer. Always. Several times a week, it seemed, even though I'd try and remember to put sunscreen on(notice the word 'try'. yeah that's because I didn't get in the habit of doing it daily, only when I knew I'd be out in the sun and more often than not, I was out in the sun on a daily basis for one reason or another and maybe half the time with sunscreen). She gave me a steroid cream to put on it twice a day for two weeks which I'm doing and after several days of that, it cleared up! But that wasn't the uncomfortable part.

The uncomfortable part was with the mole. First off, the mole sits above my uterus, about a half inch under my bra line in the front. The dermatologist decided to cut out a chunk of it and get a biopsy done. Then she had to stitch it back together with four stitches. Because of the position of where it was done, it is really uncomfortable. I'm always adjusting my bra so that it's not touching it or rubbing against it, but because it sits on top of my uterus, it's kind of pushed up in that direction and it's hard to keep it out of the way. She'll take the stitches out next week which will be a relief. And I got the results back from the biopsy and though the mole is abnormal, there is no cancer, as of right now, so that's good.

Like my socks?
I wear mismatched socks a lot these days, but for a good reason. Near my left ankle I have two of my bumps: one on the back of the ankle and one on the side. It hurts when there is anything tight or form fitting around it which means most of my socks hurt it(just the elastic part around the top of the socks). But I do have about 5 pair of really old, stretched out socks that don't bother it at all, and since I go through socks so fast with exercising every day and what not, I've decided that in order to make my comfortable sock supply last longer, I'd wear my stretched out old ones on my left foot each day and my newer ones on my right foot :). Problem solved! And yes, I'm still exercising each day, usually I'll walk three miles on the tredmill and then do about 10 minutes of yoga and stretching at the end. I may have to do more yoga and less walking near the end, but for now, I like doing it this way...if I skip a day or two of walking, it's harder for me to go for the full three miles. This baby sure seems heavy on my legs and everything else under it.

Heart burn isn't too bad yet which is nice. I've probably taken tums three times so far with this pregnancy, and all of those times were at night, as I went to lay down to sleep. I'm sure at the end it'll get worse like it usually does but for now it's manageable. And I'm sleeping well which is nice. Turning from side to side is a little more difficult, especially with the body pillow that I have to bring with me and keep in between my knees and ankles, but I seriously love that thing so I don't mind too much.

My bumps are looking and feeling a lot better for the most part. They're not so big and red anymore. They've been flattening out and turning a purplish color, like a bruise. I think that's because 1. I've stopped doing Tae Bo and 2. I've been a lot better about eating well. One of my favorite snacks that I have daily right now are Lara Bars (you can find the recipe by clicking on the link...I always quadruple the recipe which makes 8 bars, so instead of doing 1/4 c dates and dried fruit, I do one cup). I was buying them from Costco for awhile(I started doing that when I wasn't feeling well), but now I'm making them again. So far I've only made the cherry kind, but I love them so that's fine. I love these because I can make them on a day when I have 3o minutes to spare and then I individually wrap them and store them in my fridge so during the next week, I can just grab one when I'm really hungry or throw one in my purse when I know we'll be out.


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The Horne's said...

Elisa, sometimes there are "stick" sunscreens that go on a key chain, they look like a big chapstick. Maybe you could keep that in your car or on your key chain? If it's too big, the other thing I have done is bought a key chain "lip smackers" and then bought a chapstick with an SPF of 15 or 25 and exchange the caps (maybe Elisabeth would like the lip smackers?) and then put that on your key chain, it's much smaller. I love having chapstick on hand - AND you could rub in on your nose for coverage. I do this with my lips because i burn them all the time, and my mole on my cheek since it's always in the sun. Just a thought!