Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rigoletto at the Opera

One of the Christmas presents Scott got for me this year were tickets to Rigoletto the Opera. This was our first Opera experience. We had a good time. It was interesting. The story of Rigoletto is a tragedy so it was, well, sort of tragic and not the most uplifting story :). But the singing was great! It was all in Italian but they had english subtitles above the stage. I don't think Opera's will be something we do regularly until our kids are much older because not only was the Opera 3 hours long, but you're to arrive 30 minutes early and it's a 30 minute drive from our house. Oh, and our van wouldn't start when we walked back out around 11pm which added a few more minutes. But that turned out alright; we had a lady jump us and it started up immediately. We're still not sure why it didn't start...perhaps a light left on somewhere? But we couldn't find one. And we haven't had any problems since. Anyway, this was also the first time we had a sitter put Jane to bed. It went alright :).

Like our coats in the picture? We were having a little snow storm on our drive up. We probably should have taken them off before we had our picture taken. Oh well.

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