Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pirate birthday!

Charles turned six this week! The whole week leading up to his birthday, he was very good about remembering to check the mailbox. He loved getting letters from family members. In fact, he likes it so much that one day, a few days before his birthday, he left this note for Scott on his bed:

If you can't read the words he was sounding out, I'll translate it for you here: "please send me a card for my birthday." Dad made one and put it in the mailbox for him.

Charlie got to open his presents at breakfast, which has become a tradition in our house. He was so anxious the night before his birthday party that he didn't sleep well and came into our bedroom several times to see if it was time to wake up yet. Why he didn't just check his own clock I'm not sure. He got the pirate gift I made him awhile back(and LOVES it!!!), a couple other pirate things, books, his favorite cereal(I rarely buy cereal so this was a treat), a head lamp, and a board game.The kind of cake he wanted was, of course, pirate themed this year. Leading up to his birthday, I went on a cake website with Char and showed him lots of different pirate cakes. What he seemed to like most were any cakes that had little action figurines on them, probably so that he can keep them and play with them afterward. So I made a pirate treasure island type of cake. He loved it.

I volunteer in both of our elementary kids classes every other week and it just so happened that it was my turn to go in on Charlie's birthday. I brought 100% fruit roll-ups for the class and stayed and helped for a bit. Once school was over I took Charlie to Subway to get a kids value meal which is something he requested awhile back. We took it home to eat and afterward I conducted a short birthday interview with him on camera. It was a little longer than expected, about 7 minutes, so I split it in two parts and I'll post them here in case his grandparents want to watch :). Just beware, he was being a little stinker and would act shy or give me false answers just for fun. That's my boy! :)

Charlie choose Chuck-E-Cheese for his birthday celebration that night. Our general rule is that if you want to have a party outside of the home, then it'll be a family party. If you want to have a friend party then it needs to be at home(or somewhere else that's free). But since Charles is one among many girls in our home, we decided to allow him to take one of his friends. I'm glad we did because those two had such a fun time together playing all sorts of boyish games and Elisabeth and Annabelle stuck together and played what they wanted to play. Being on a Friday night, the place was packed which made keeping track of Jane a little tricky, but Scott and I took turns and it went well. Happy Birthday Charles!


kelley said...

I went to Chuck E Cheese for one of my birthdays and I cried. Clearly Charlie is tougher than me and not afraid of the mechanical animals. Do they still even have those??

Elisa said...

Kelley, Yes, they have some, and moving trucks and stuff too. Jane cried when I put her in one of those, and when she saw Chuck-E come out, live!