Monday, January 30, 2012

"Let food be thy medicine..."

You remember the pictures from two posts ago? The one's of Scott's birthday where we had ice cream and cookies and lots of sugary toppings? Yeah so after that, over the next few days we had leftovers, and four of us got colds. Four! We rarely get colds/runny noses/coughs anymore and four of us did! I was so mad! But of course it was my fault what with all the refined sugar, white flour(which acts like sugar in the body) and different processed foods with lots of additives. So now we're on a strict no-refined sugar diet and doing much less dairy as well until we're all better...and then hopefully we'll still stick with the no sugar....except Annabelle has a birthday in 2 weeks and she wants me to make her a cake with frosting roses on top. Grrrrreat......just what we need. I think I'll make a mini cake. And whatever we don't finish that night I'll toss. Good idea? I think so.

And by the way, Scott and I were just reviewing our year and we had no sick visits this year. Zero! None! Can you believe it?! And we have two kids in school, plus a three year old and a one year old all of which should be sick fairly regularly, right? Especially in the winter months? Isn't that normal for those ages? You know, colds, ear infections, allergies, etc. That's what everyone else thinks. But not me anymore. Having a healthy family is absolutely amazing, and is not just pure luck! We think Jane may have had an ear infection once this year, but we didn't take her in, we just did some at-home healthy things for the kids(foods mostly) and Jane got better over a couple of days. Anyway, this is just huge, especially when I think back to several years ago when Charlie was a toddler and had 6 ear infections in one year(almost had to get tubes), tons of antibiotics, plus Elisabeth had her own sick visits that year. I felt like the doctor's office was becoming a second home, what with all those plus wellness checks plus having to come back after two weeks of being on antibiotics to make sure things were cleared up, and with Charles they usually weren't and we had to get stronger antibiotics. Seriously a nightmare. I felt like such a poor, helpless mom. And it wasn't just Charles. All our little ones were regularly sick until Jane which is when we started cutting out processed foods and sugars etc. and drinking green smoothies regularly. Wow, life has sure changed for us. And I'm so happy! Food is amazing. Just like Hippocrates(the father of Western medicine) said, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be they food." I love it! In fact, I have that quote printed out and it's up in my kitchen on the outside of my cabinet; it's a good reminder.


Lindsay said...

I was just thinking the same thing the other day too--this past year we didn't have a single sick visit either! Well, I take that back---we had two with Emerson at the beginning of the year for croup---but that had to do with more his tonsils and adenoids needing to be removed. once we did that in may, things have been perfect for him! But we had no ear infections and other nasty stuff. It seemed like we had a few years where every January we were sick the ENTIRE month adn would spend hundreds of dollars in copays and antibiotics. It was always ridiculous! you give your kids flu shots? I don't anymore. I don't seem to see any difference. it seems like the years they get them, they are always sick. the last two years we haven't gotten them and we've been our healthiest. of course, it's probably because we eat healthier too.
and question 2: do you take in your older kids to their well visits at each b-day? I stopped doing it because i felt like it was kind of a waste, but maybe I should keep doing it. I feel like if there was something major going on, I would pick up on it and take them in. and since they get their eyes checked by their eye dr that isn't something that needs to be checked. anyways, i am just curious if I am being a bad mom by not taking them in. I do take them at 5 yrs for their k shots. and I take them till 2 for well visits. but their 3 yr old, 4 year old, 6 year old---I haven't.
and last question....what do you cook for meals that your kids love? I feel like everything that they all willingly devour is quesadillas, pizza...and we have these on occasion but Matt feels like we need to cut back on some of these items because of all the cheese, etc It's just hard coming up with meal options that aren't cheese, dairy, etc do you have any kid-friendly good ideas??
sorry for the novel post :)

Lindsay said...

PS I never finished my thought about why we haven't had sick visits. I really think it has to do with the green smoothies. I have seen a big difference in the times when we are diligently drinking them--we are never sick. When I stop for a few weeks---it seems like the colds start!

carrie r. said...

Elisa, thanks for posting this 'testimony' about healthy eating! That is AWESOME that you did not have any sick visits with your 4 kids! Lindsay's post was really fascinating too, seriously both of you have made me want to make some new commitments for feeding my family. I have tried a lot of the things I've read on your blog and elsewhere, but I get discouraged easily (like when I make healthy meals that no one will eat, or when my husband won't drink my smoothies!) and I am not consistent enough to see these results. I hope to do a lot better this year. You are such a great mom!

Elisa said...

Lindsay, I agree with what you said. I love green smoothies. I think greens are so important and if that's how my kids will take them, that's how I give them :).

As for flu shots, no, I never have them take those. They are optional and the one time I had one of my kids get it(it was Elisabeth, our first of course), she got SUPER sick the next day. So I just decided then that we weren't going to do those anymore. At first my doctor tried to talk me into getting them, and now she still asks but she does it with a smile because she knows my answer will always be the same: no thank you.

I do take my kids to their well-child visits but if I had to pay a co-pay or anything else for that matter, I might change my mind. :) But for us with Scott's insurance they're fully covered so I just bring them in. I don't think you're a bad mom for missing some of those appointments, not at all.

And foods we eat a lot? Well, we do have homemade pizza once a week, and I've been making them with less cheese and all whole wheat flour. We also eat whole wheat pasta once a week with red sauce. I have burritos about once a week and I use hardly any cheese in them, they're mostly filled with beans and brown rice. Soft tacos are good too, same idea but with some fresh veggies as well. Charlies fav meal ever is Mr. Pings Secret Ingredient Noodle Soup(from kung fu panda). It's similar to a chicken noodle soup but I put very little chicken(usually I'll just throw in a can of canned chicken from Costco at the end), broth, verimecilli noodles, chopped cabbage, shredded carrots, green onions and a couple of spices. Soups are a pretty good way to go if you can get your kids to eat it, which is what our problem is. But that one is a hit as is a white chili soup with white beans. Scott and I have been trying to make a soup about every other week and the kids are starting to come around a little more. But probably more often then not, on soup nights they take their 3 bites like they have to and then they end up making themselves a peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread(natural pb of course :)). I'm okay with that. I figure they're still gettign good stuff and as long as they're 'trying' my food each time, I think eventually they'll develop a taste for it. We also probably do breakfast once a week and make homemade pancakes(I use rice/almond or soy milk as a sub for cow milk) and we might have scrambled eggs too. Anyway, I have some more ideas but this is so long already. Let me know if you need any other ideas. And let me knwo too if you have any favorites that are non-dairy. I'm always on the lookout for new things.

Carrie, hang in there. It's tough but worth it. Keep trying. My kids have been in tears over quite a few meals as well, but eventually, through trial and error you'll find some good ones. And keep doing your green smoothies, even if hubby won't drink them yet. Gently encourage and share with him any health benefits you come across(especially if he's been dealing with a health issue you've found out it will help), and perhaps some day he'll give it a try.