Sunday, January 22, 2012

Char's 2 front teeth, Jane's loves

Charlie lost one of his front teeth some time ago and the other one has been wiggly for over a month. It could have come out a long time ago but he doesn't ever like to wiggle it and doesn't want other people to try(I think he's afraid it may hurt or doesn't like the blood or something...not really quite sure). Anyway, it continued to loosen up on it's own and was sticking out for about a week when finally this past he was wrestling around the living room with Annabelle, his face hit the couch and out it went! He didn't cry, just promptly brought the bloody tooth to me and then washed out his mouth. He was happy to be able to put the tooth in a baggie under his pillow in anticipation for his dollar :). Now we're waiting on the wiggly tooth on bottom(next to the two middle ones he lost awhile ago) to slowly inch it's way out.

This other picture of Elisabeth and Charles is one I took in the morning just before school. Look how close they are in height! They could be twins!

Jane has a fleece tie blanket she loves and sleeps with. It is a huge comfort to her. For the most part, I have her keep her blanket in the crib but as we draw near to the end of the day she likes to pull it out and keep it with her. That being said, it's nice to have something she loves and finds comforting while we're out and about. Backing up, a few years ago I made myself and the two oldest girls matching fleece scarves with the ends cut into strips. I made it using leftover material from one of the tied fleece blankets I made for my girls when they were babies. Now, a couple of years later, I'm SO happy I decided to make those little girl scarves because it's the same material and style with the cut ends Jane can hold in her hand like she does with her tied blanket and it's the perfect 'to-go' size. When we're heading out the door to run errands or to go to church I just grab her little scarf and wrap it around her neck and she is perfectly content.

Here's another cute picture of Jane in all her snowwear. She looks like a giant roasted marshmallow. It reminds me of the movie 'Christmas Story' with all the many poofy layers of snow gear which make it difficult to move.
And one more picture of Jane. I wish I had taken a 'before' and 'after' picture. This one with Annabelle would be the 'before' picture and unfortunately, there is no 'after'. Jane had a new bow to wear which my sister Becca made for her and the other girls. We got her all dressed for the day in the morning and then not more than 30 minutes later she came to me while I was exercising on the treadmill, sans bow, and with 3 different colors of marker all over her face. Seriously!? I knew Charlie and the girls were coloring in his room which is why I specifically asked them to keep their door shut so Jane couldn't get to his stuff. Well, apparently they forgot and when she came knocking, they of course couldn't turn her cute face away. Oh well, I guess that just happens when you've got three older siblings who aren't that old. A baby wipe and 2 minutes later, it was mostly gone.

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