Wednesday, January 18, 2012

24 Weeks

Last week I made the mistake of counting down how many weeks I had left until the estimated delivery date. There were 17 weeks remaining. 7 weeks, or over a month and a half, until I would be 30 weeks. That sounds awful! Scott suggested I don't try and keep track anymore :). I think that's a good idea. I think I'll wait until April to do that again. Until then we'll just keep trudging along. Literally. Okay, it's not terrible, but the reason I even thought about counting down the weeks so early on is because it is getting increasingly difficult for me to get my normal day-to-day things done. Bending over or squatting to pick up toys over and over throughout the day, standing on my feet for a long time while I prepare and cook meals, bending over and twisting etc to get clothes out of the washer and into the dryer and then bending over my tummy to get the clothes out of baskets and fold them. I notice every time I bend over because my tummy is getting so big and the space in there so filled that that particular position makes it difficult to breathe. Doing my prenatal yoga helps with some of this but I really don't see any way around some of the typical stuff that comes with being pregnant; an over-sized, belly stuffed full with a child and other vital things, being one of them. There's just no way around it. :) Anyway, I really am doing fine. I'm feeling good. I still have the bumps on my lower legs but they're not causing too much discomfort, though like I mentioned earlier, when I eat refined sugar, I notice them more and they're a little more painful. Unfortunately, I'm still eating refined sugar a lot more than I used to and a lot more than I'd like to be; but that doesn't mean I'm giving up. I'll keep trying to do better.

Other news in pregnancy:
I can feel the baby move around all throughout the day which is fun. And she's not SO big that it hurts or is uncomfortable....yet :).

I'm into all of my maternity clothes now and even have a couple of pairs of shoes I won't wear anymore for awhile and a couple pair I wear all the time since my feet seem to grow when I'm pregnant(It seems like they grow in width and length though I could be wrong)

I have to use the bathroom a lot more frequently especially when I'm walking which makes my tredmill exercise a little more challenging...jumping on and off the moving belt when balance and coordination are already a disadvantage.

My doctors appointments are every 4 weeks and I usually bring my 2 youngest girls with me and schedule my appointments when the older two are at school. I don't mind bringing the younger girls with me to most of my appointments though when the appointments are.... unusual/embarrassing if I had an audience (usually the first one and near the end when they check to see how dilated I am), I'll leave them with a babysitter. I think I may be doing the glucose screening at my appointment tomorrow...either then or my next one.

I've had multiptle dreams about the labor/delivery. This always happens. It's such an exciting time that I think about it often and go through my old blog books and look at pictures and read the old birthing stories. My kids love to read about their own births too. I can't wait!


Lindsay said...

please let me take your girls if you ever just want to go to the apts alone. If I'm not too far out of the way! I know how stressful it is, knowing you have an apt every month and then trying to find a babysitter. WE wouldn't mind at all---in fact, my girls would love it!

The Horne's said...

Elisa!!! Just the past few days I have done the same thing...oh man, it's January!! I have till end of April??!?!?!! 14 more weeks???!!!!? It sounds kind of short but man I know these last months are the hardest with weight gain, movement etc. I have been dreading it kind of too. I think for us the first 20 weeks went fast because it was fall and thanksgiving and Christmas. That always goes fast for me at least. Jan to April not a lot happens and it seems to go slow. April/may feels far away!! We will hang in there together!!!! U look great!!