Monday, December 26, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things

1. Not the pie, but the person who made these pies. Scott made a couple of pies for the families he home teaches. Aren't they so pretty? He is amazing! He is definitely one of my favorite things :).

2. Food. I love food. This here is one of my favorite meals ever and we had it for Christmas Eve dinner this year. It's enchiladas, rice, beans and corn. I made it using my dad's recipes, though I took out the oil part in the enchiladas(you can put the corn tortillas in warm oil to soften them) and I didn't fry the cooked pinto beans in oil either, instead I just mashed them in their own juice/water. And I used brown rice for the mexican rice. It was so good. It makes my mouth water. So yummy!

3. Children. I love children. I love having children, and having them at Christmas time is a bonus. I seriously am going to be so sad when we no longer have little ones around at Christmas. It feels so magical when they're around. And they're excitement and awe is contagious! We've had so much fun doing all sorts of Christmas related activities this month leading up to Christmas(seeing christmas lights, parties, making ornaments, singing carols, making our 'Christmas Angels' with our gifts to Christ written on them, reading LOTS of christmas stories, acting out live nativities etc) and Christmas Eve and morning were so wonderful. Scott and I could barely sleep Christmas Eve because we were so excited. Basically from 3am on, I was stirring and the time seemed to move so slowly. The girls finally came in a few minutes before 6am and we were happy to get up and get going :)....6am was the time we'd predetermined as an acceptable time for gift opening to begin. They were all so excited about everything.

Granny and Grandpa Garnica got the kids matching outfits to wear to church. They got a lot of compliments :).

(This little play mobil nativity set is awesome. Or any nativity set that is kid-friendly, really. This is the third Christmas we've had this. I pack it up with the Christmas things and when I pull it out each Christmas season, the kids play with it for hours, literally. We've lost a couple of small pieces, but none of the major pieces)

I have many, many more favorite things; these are just a few.

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