Thursday, December 8, 2011

Testimony Glove

I was recently at Deseret Book, looking around for Christmas gifts for the kids. A children's book called, The Testimony Glove, caught my eye, so I picked it up and read it. I really liked the book, and it even came with a 'testimony glove' but I couldn't bring myself to spend $18 for it. So, I read it again and tried to take as much as I could to memory. Basically it told the story of a family gathered together for an FHE lesson and the father pulls out these gloves: gardening glove(protects hands from blisters and needles), a baseball mit(protects hand when catching a ball) and then a plain white glove, which he explains is a testimony glove. He has a child help him put pictures on each finger which represent the 5 basic truths of a testimony and then talks a little on each one:

Heavenly Father-we know he lives and he loves us, Jesus Christ-he is the son of God, he is our Savior, Temples-they are a symbol that this is the true church and we can go there and be sealed together with our families, Joseph Smith-saw Heavenly Father and Jesus and restored the gospel in it's fullness, and our Prophet today-gets direction from God for the whole church.

I decided I could make the glove for a lot cheaper, and teach these same principles to my kids in our own Family Home Evening lesson. The white gloves were the only thing I had to buy, everything else I had on hand which included pictures to put on each finger(I cut these out of our old Friend Magazines and laminated them with scotch tape), and sticky-back velcro to make the pictures stick to the glove. Our closest dollar store didn't have white gloves but it had just about every other color. I think if I checked a couple more I probably could have found them. I ended up finding them at a local grocery store for $2.99 which was still good.
My kids loved it. They each had a turn putting the pictures on and once we finished, they each decided to share their testimony with the family which was very special. This lesson was very timely because the day before was fast Sunday and people in the congregation can come up and share their testimony, and Elisabeth was asking me all sorts of questions about testimonies. This visual aid really helped her grasp things better and by the end of the lesson you could tell she had a better understanding and was feeling much more confident in her ability to share her testimony.

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