Monday, December 5, 2011

Lunch with dad, community christmas party, Chia Cookies

The kids are back in school again. Their time off track went well for the most part. Though the last few days, we'd run out of activities and so Elisabeth and Charles teased each other a lot more which wasn't pleasant for anyone. During their break they had a regular morning routine which included getting ready for the day and doing their chores while mom exercised(though sometimes they'd join in for the exercise, especially if it was Tae Bo), we usually had siesta time(aka quiet time with books, coloring/writing, puzzles etc) in the afternoon and then an activity.

Kids doing Tae Bo with me

Last week we surprised Scott at work with a fruit bouquet the kids and I put together(the kale under the strawberries is from our garden! Wahoo! It's just used as a decoration/filler in fruit bouquets) and then we took him out to lunch. Scott later told us that his coworkers thought it was his birthday :).
At Del Taco; one of the only places to eat near his work. I picked up sub sandwiches for Scott and I on the way. I've recently developed a love for the veggie sandwiches! So yummy!

One evening for our activity we attended our community Christmas party they have every year. They have fire pits outside with scones and hot chocolate, and crafts inside. You can also go see Santa, but the kids didn't want to wait in line so we skipped that this year.

I made Chia Snowball Cookies for our annual bookclub Christmas get together. That recipe is posted under the recipe section on this blog or you can click here to find it. The host had dinner for us and everyone else was supposed to bring a dessert and/or salad. I'm being extremely strict right now because of the bump on my leg, which is why I chose to make a healthy dessert. I brought it on a plate along with the recipe and some facts about chia seeds and it was very well received. Most of the people in book club are quite a bit older than me and are more health conscious than younger folks or people my age, so they were happy to have something along those lines :). Jane loves these, by the way.

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