Saturday, December 31, 2011

A few more Christmas pictures

Here are a few more pictures from Christmas.

Charles and the oldest two girls got new pajamas on Christmas Eve.

Scott made dinner on Christmas day. Ham, potatoes, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. He even made the healthy version on cranberry sauce for me so that I could have them...I ate everything minus the ham.

The kids wanted me to take pictures of them with some of their new things, so here they are:

Elisabeth got a lot of dolphin stuff because she loves them right now. She got a dolphin necklace and stuffed animal from mom and dad, a dolphin pillow pet and movie from grandma and grandpa. She also got an art sketch pad, a gratitude journal(that was her spiritual/Sunday gift), some stationary from aunt Krissy, a piggy bank from Charles and a coloring book from Annabelle.

Charles got an art kit, a book of mormon puzzle book, and a crane from mom and dad. He got a pillow pet and mater electronic car from grandma and grandpa. He got a tiger binoculars from his sisters.

Annabelle got black ballet slippers, a Dora umbrella, barbies from mom and dad and grandma and Elisabeth, a Christ puzzle, a piggy bank from Charles, a sketch pad, and pillow pet from grandma and grandpa.

Jane got a new jacket, hat and gloves, a couple of new babies with a stroller, a new sippy cup and a couple of little gifts from her siblings.

This was the first year the kids had their own money and exchanged gifts with one another. It was so fun to see their faces when they watched their siblings open one of their gifts. They were so excited to see how the recipient would like it. And then they always exchanged hugs afterward. It was very sweet.

Scott and I also exchange three gifts (one spiritual) with each other and do stockings for each other which is always fun. Scott got me a new quad(it has the book of mormon, doctrine and covenants, old and new testament) which was such a surprise! He had noticed that I kept the same ones I had when I was baptized twenty years ago and the spines on those books were in really bad shape. We got my new name engraved on them(not really new since we've been married for 8 years but my last set obviously had my maiden name on them). He also got me an mp3 player so that I could listen to books and music while I exercise on my machines which was something I had hoped for. Did you know you can check out ebooks from the library and put them on your mp3 player? And when they're due three weeks later, they're automatically taken off. I think that's pretty awesome. Our library also has a website for music and you can pick 3 songs to keep each week for free. And my third was tickets to the opera. We'll be going at the end of this month. Scott got an ipod touch, I made him some hot bags made from wheat(he has pains in his back and neck when it gets cold), and I got him the audio book of mormon so he can listen to it in his truck which doesn't have a radio, just a cd player.

Here is the wheat hot bag I made. I made it out of an old pair of my jeans and then also made a pillowcase/cover out of some soft flannel so that we can wash the outside. It works great and we both like it better than the store bought hot pad we have to plug in to the wall. This one feels more comfortable.

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