Friday, December 2, 2011


Jane looks unhappy in this picture, but really, whenever Elisabeth wants to hold or play with Jane, she is generally all over it! When Elisabeth gets home from school Jane always runs to her and squeals with delight! Elisabeth is a good big sister. She is seven now and has been able to take care of herself for some years now and she helps out her younger siblings a lot too. She helps Jane get dressed, Annabelle wash her hair, she helps me clean and cook, helps Charlie with piano and more.

Elisabeth enjoys learning and is becoming a well rounded individual. She excels in school, loves playing the piano, enjoys soccer and ballet, spending time with her family, reading chapter books and especially Magic Tree House, doing art projects, going to church and playing with friends. She is so excited to be baptized on her next birthday and to be able to spend some time with her extended family when they come for this special occasion. Elisabeth practices piano with her piano books but she has a few pieces she has memorized, either for recitals or just for fun. I video recorded her playing part of Fur Elise. Here is the clip:

All of our children have gone through a stage where they've gotten pretty picky with their eating. But I'm pleased to say that over the past couple of months Elisabeth has branched out more and is at least willing to try new things. She is also our most health conscious child. She likes learning health and how to care for our bodies. Elisabeth's favorite food is my homemade pizza and our whole wheat German Pancakes.

Elisabeth is a very sensitive a good way. She is sensitive to the feelings and moods of those around her and responds appropriately. She's the one in our family, like myself, who cries fairly frequently in movies or when reading something. Elisabeth likes to be with friends and talk with them, but on the other hand, she's pretty reserved. All of her current and previous teachers/instructors always comment on how well behaved she is, though also quiet. Elisabeth has a loving, kind and understanding heart. We love her and appreciate she does for her family.

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