Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Lights

There are a couple of things I'm really loving right now(besides family, friends, the obvious things). I'm loving oranges! I eat them all the time! They're ripe, sweet, juicy and so delicious! I like the big navels and the clementines; though I think for ultimate juiciness and sweetness, the navels win. I'm loving seeing the frost on the trees and covering the grass in the mornings. I'm loving Christmas movies, Christmas music, and Christmas decorations and more particularly, the Christmas lights. I love to see lights on our house when we pull up at night, I love seeing lights on neighbors homes and out in public places.

This past week we got to do two of our annual Christmas traditions, both of which involved Christmas lights:
1. Seeing the lights at temple square
It was beautiful, and I'm sorry these pictures do it absolutely no justice

2. Grazzini Family Christmas Party/white elephant gift exchange and afterward we went to see the lights at an outdoor mall
Here are pictures from the outdoor mall: My cousin had tickets for the carousel so all the kids got to do that as well. They all loved it...except for Jane :). She cried for most of the ride. Charles and Parker enjoyed one another's company and were being goofy on their horses.

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