Thursday, December 1, 2011


Our only boy will be turning six pretty soon. Even though he's surrounded by a house full of girls, he is still very much a boy. Charles loves to play sports. He likes to dig, run, jump, and climb trees. I've recently started doing piano lessons with Charlie. We have a 30 minute lesson together every Tuesday, and then throughout the week he's expected to practice as Elisabeth does, though at this age, he needs me to be near, guiding him through his practices. I'll start him in lessons soon, but he's still trying to decide between the piano and the violin. If he decides on the violin, I'd rather wait a year so we don't have to go through so many different violin sizes; and I think he's young enough that he can catch up quick. These in-home piano lessons will give him a good foundation. Charles likes to draw and do art projects, he likes playing with cars, dragons, linkin logs and tinker toys, and he enjoys teasing his sisters and giving them lots of hugs and kisses; so many that it sometimes ends in tears on one or both sides: a sister doesn't want any more hugs and if Char doesn't listen she'll either cry or she'll do something to make him cry. Charles enjoys kindergarten and does well with his school work. And funny enough, most of his friends in his class are girls :). Since he's surrounded by them at home, it probably comes naturally.

Charles is our only brown-eyed and dark haired child so far. He's about as tall as Elisabeth now and just as skinny. They get that from Scott. Charles also goes by 'Charlie' and 'Char'. His favorite dinner food is pasta with white sauce. He's the only member of our family who does not like pizza. He also loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, scrambled eggs, and granola. Many days he'll have two sandwiches for lunch. I've gotta start making my own wheat bread more regularly with how often he's goes through a loaf.

Charles continually surprises me with how observational he is. He notices facial expressions and body language, he hears things and takes in things around him that some adults miss. I know because he'll tell me things later or ask questions, sometimes while something is going on that make me realize how aware he is. He is a very sympathetic and sweet boy and in tune with those around him. I think this will be a great strength for him and those around him throughout his life.

We sure love our Charles.

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