Tuesday, December 13, 2011

19 week Ultrasound and Gender Reveal Dinner Party

I didn't do an 18 week post because I knew I had this ultrasound coming up a week later. But I'll get back on track and do a 20 week post next week, too(if I remember, of course :)).

Here is a shot of my growing belly. We took this just before church this past Sunday.

I had my ultrasound today! The baby looks healthy and it was so fun to watch it move around, cross it's legs, and breathe(apparently babies have breathing episodes around every 30 minutes so it was neat that we caught it). I'm so excited to meet this baby in May!

I went by myself to the appointment today so that I could surprise Scott and the kids after dinner. We had a 'gender reveal dinner party' with our family where I made pink, yellow and blue foods and had some decorations in the same colors. We had pink waffles, blue whipped cream, scrambled eggs, strawberries and blueberries to go on top of the waffles and cranberry juice. I chose foods I knew they all loved because I wanted it to be a happy evening :). I made a bouquet of paper flowers, pink ones and blue ones that said, 'boy' and 'girl' on them and once we finished up dinner, the kids picked a flower as their vote...blue if they thought it was a boy and pink if they thought it was a girl. Charlie and Elisabeth thought it was a boy...Annabelle did too even though she picked up a pink flower...probably because her favorite color is pink.Then I brought out a giant box all wrapped up, with a big bow on top, and let the kids open it to see if there was something blue inside(meaning we're having a boy), or pink. I explained all this to them before hand. They were so excited all day! And so was I! Here is a short clip of them opening the box....drum roll please..... :)

In the picture below, Charlie is there too, he's just hiding in the box. He shed a couple of tears. He really wanted a brother. I'm just glad we decided to find out the gender now instead of waiting until the birth because if he would've cried when he first saw the baby out of disappointment, I'm sure I would've gotten upset and cried too :), but this way it was sweet and it made me chuckle :).


Lindsay said...

oh, that is exciting---you will have a houseful of girls!! Bring on all the makeup, dances, dates and weddings. Maybe you will just have to keep trying till you get that boy for Charlie :)

The Horne's said...

Ah, so sweet. Poor Charlie. You'll have to try again :-D For a brother for him. He will be such a great sensitive boy though and know how to be around women! I guess kind of like Fred! :-D It makes a difference for boys who grow up with girls, Scott did too!
Congrats you guys! Happy girl, can't wait to hear her name!!

carrie r. said...

How fun! Congratulations on another sweet and beautiful Smith girl joining your family. You sure make pretty girls but I'm sure Charlie was wishing and hoping for a brother. He will make a VERY understanding and sensitive husband someday though because he will understand women very well. ;)

Lori said...

hahaha - I love Elizabeth's comment: "It's a girl everytime." hehehe. Congrats - girls are so fun!

berrymom said...

Congratulations! I am excited for you! I would love it if some of my boys married some of your girls! We'll have to arrange that ;)