Monday, October 24, 2011

A piano, at last!

Elisabeth started taking piano lessons a year ago from this coming November. We had a small keyboard she would practice on(pictured above), usually in our bedroom; the keyboard sat on a chest in our room and she'd either stand next to it with her legs stretched out in a wide 'v', or she'd kneel and play. Scott and I decided last November that if she was still playing piano this time next year(now), we'd get a piano or at least a full-sized keyboard. I've been watching for deals on to craigslist) for the past little while and found a piano last week in good condition for $200; the couple selling were getting ready to move this past week. I went and looked at it and really liked it. The only problem was we weren't sure how we were going to get a trailer and extra people to move it here. I talked our concerns over with the couple and they offered to drive it down to us and unload it while they had their moving crew with them because our house would be on the way down to their new location. It worked out perfectly and we gave them a little extra for the trouble.

We are all in love with the piano. All of us take turns on it, including Scott and I(we both took piano for a year growing up and can play a, a very little but I'm working on it and it's enjoyable). We also got a little side table and lamp to put in the living room. Both were free from different people we know. I refinished the table and everything looks nice all together.

As a side note, I let Charlie help me refinish the table. We were in the garage and I only had a small piece of cardboard laid out for the stain and paint brushes etc to lay on. Charlie didn't see the can of nearly full stain and accidentally kicked it over. I quickly tried to use what I could(you should have seen me on my knees, paint brush in hand, quickly getting as much stain as I could from the garage floor and onto the furniture; I'm sure it was a funny sight) to finish staining both of my projects and then I mopped up the rest, but it still left a big stain on the garage floor. My bad.

After looking around at the new room, Scott and I talked about how almost every piece of furniture(minus our bedroom set which was given to us as a wedding gift) we own is used and was either given to us for free or for a really great deal. All of our couches, all the kids beds and our guest bed, our kitchen table, crib, changing table, dressers, rocking chair, toy chest, book shelves, and more. We've been very blessed in that sense, and I'm glad I'm married to someone who is as frugal and careful as me, and who doesn't mind owning things that aren't brand new :).
I know the piano is still pretty new to us, but it has seriously been getting played constantly. If Jane is awake, someone is sitting, playing the piano. Elisabeth is even giving Charlie piano lessons using her Primer books from piano. I think we'll put Charlie in piano lessons soon.
Elisabeth is so happy to be able to play out in the living room with us all, while sitting on a bench. It definitely beats playing back in the bedroom, door closed so Jane can't bother her, by herself while kneeling :). But I think it's good for people to go through things like this so they can better appreciate all the blessings we're given on a daily basis. And I can tell you we all really appreciate this piano. Even if it's older and a little out of tune...but we'll get it tuned this week.

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Lindsay said...

yea, that is so exciting! How fun for your kids and especially Elisabeth!