Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pirate Treasure Map and Loot Bag-DIY

I know it's only October, and Christmas still seems far away, but I actually collect gifts for the kids almost all year round. Why? Because it's cheaper that way. And providing a memorable Christmas for 6 takes careful thought, planning and early preparations when you're on a budget. So, when I see something one of the children would love, and it's a great deal, I pick it up and stick it up high in my closet. Sometimes I forget what I've picked up so usually around this time of year, I'll go through everything and see who still needs what.

My friend Lindsay showed me a homemade pirate treasure map idea she found on pinterest. I knew it would be something Charlie would love so we decided to do it together. We each found our own bandana and little spiral notebooks, Lindsay provided the canvas for the map, paint pens, and muslin(which she sewed up into pirate loot bags for us), and I provided the compasses, pirate money and keys. It cost us around $6 each and took a couple of hours. I'm excited for Charlie to open his gift on Christmas :).

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Lindsay said...

love it! I need to snap a pic of mine and post them too--my sister wanted to see them. I just haven't found time when kids aren't around! I am so happy how they turned out. That was a lot of fun to work on them together!