Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall in Utah

(I didn't take this picture, but it is a picture of Utah)

I woke up, one morning this week, to the sound of falling rain. I love that sound. I love the rain. I guess that should be expected considering I grew up in Seattle. I got out of bed and peeked through my blinds. The wind was blowing the leaves off the large tree in our front yard. I looked around the neighborhood and noticed that many of the leaves on the surrounding trees were changing to beautiful autumn colors: yellow, orange, red, purple, green, brown. This is a beautiful time of year, though I'm grateful for all the seasons. I love that I can see the snow on the mountains. I love the Fall decorations that are everywhere, particularly the pumpkins. I enjoy snuggling into my jacket as I walk out into the crisp morning air. I'm happy I can wear jeans and sweatshirts once again. I love watching my husband and children rake leaves into large piles and jump through them. Life can be a wonderful thing if we remember to look for the good and thank our Father in Heaven for all he's blessed us with.

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