Sunday, October 16, 2011

2nd season of soccer

Elisabeth is just about to finish her second season of soccer. It was really fun to watch them this year because the girls are at an age now(7-8) where they're really beginning to grasp the concept of the game. They're not doing cartwheels on the field or picking flowers or playing patty cake, they're actually playing their positions and scoring and defending goals. I really turned into the cheerleader mom this year. I never say mean things to or about anyone, only kind and encouraging comments, but it's a lot, and I can be kind of loud :). Elisabeth has scored three goals this season and all within the last month...I think scoring that first goal built up confidence within her.

Ballet is also just taking off and she's doing really well, though last week she said she likes soccer more than ballet which was contradictory to what she'd said just before ballet began. When I questioned her further, she said it's because ballet is too hard. She said, "I always have to hold my shoulders back and down, suck my tummy in, and it hurts my legs to always have to point my toes and stand on tippy toe." But I told her that those things won't seem hard anymore as she progresses through ballet and practices more. Eventually it'll just be natural. But we'll see what she decides next year when she has to decide between the two; soccer would actually be much cheaper for me and Scott so I don't think I'll be too sad if she decides to go that route :).

Elisabeth is number five

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