Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bathroom remodel

Before we moved into this house four years ago, we knew we wanted to remodel a couple of the bathrooms, and perhaps all three. Two of the bathrooms have linoleum flooring and one of those has a couple of large discoloration spots in the linoleum. The vanity on that same bathroom has had two small cracks in the tile on the top of the vanity and about a month ago, another really big crack was made. I don't know if you can even call it a crack because it's right along the grout line and two of the tile pieces were coming up. So after some consideration, we decided it was time to remodel this one particular bathroom, which is the main bath. And while we're replacing the linoleum in the main bath, we thought it'd also be good to replace the linoleum in the downstairs bathroom. We knew we wanted Scott to do the remodel in order to save money. He took a free class last year at home depot on how to tile and his dad gave him a book on tiling that he has been reading, along with viewing several 'how-to' videos online. Scott started taking things out on Monday this week and every night since has been working on the bathroom. He took Friday off of work and worked on it all day, worked on it Saturday and he probably has a couple more nights of work ahead of him. I know. He is amazing. This project has taken more time than we originally planned for because once he took out the linoleum he found lots of mold and mildew where those dark spots were. There was a huge spot by the toilet and another huge one by the tub. He started to tear out wood but it got to the point where he was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the task and wasn't sure what to do fact, I had taken the kids out for an afternoon so we'd be out of his way, and when I got back I noticed a phone book open on the table displaying ads for remodeling bathrooms. Scott saw me looking over it and told me that he had been hoping maybe he could just hire someone to come over and finish it before I'd gotten home and I'd never even know :).The moldy mildewy spot by the toilet. Look how black that is. It doesn't even look like wood anymore.

We said lots of prayers, called a few places, got some good advice, had a friend come over whose done similar work and then he was on his way again and feeling a little more confident. He ended up pulling up some of the wood but left a small layer, painted sealant over it and then put in new boards on top. It has worked really well. But I have to tell you, the day he took up the linoleum and the wood and had the mold and mildew out in the open, both Scott and I had some allergic type of reactions. Mine were more allergy type reactions with red, itchy eyes and Scott got a fever. Thankfully we had kept the kids outside and away so they were fine. He got it all covered up by the end of the day and we let the house air out over night and the next morning we were both feeling much better. I'm glad we got this all taken care of when we did.

During this time that Scott has been busily working, I've been trying to keep the kids busy and out of his way and also repainting our vanity and shopping for a new top, hardware, decorations and light fixtures(many thanks to my sister who has been giving me lots of advice on decorating and sending lots of pictures at my request because visualizing the end product is definitely not a strength of mine...but I'm working on it). It has been fun, but busy. Like I said before, we're hoping to have this bathroom done by Thursday this week. And then I think we'll let Scott have a break before he tears out the linoleum downstairs. But not too long of a break :). The downstairs one should go a lot smoother because there's concrete underneath the flooring instead of wood. I hope to post pictures of the finished product by the end of this next week. If any of you are plumbers(or have husbands that are plumbers) and live in Utah, please leave me a comment and we may need to call on you when we're putting the toilet back in...I'm sure Scott will also watch lots of 'how to' videos on that. We want to be sure we get it in right so we don't have any leaks and another cause to tear out wood and clean out mold and mildew.


Lindsay said...

I'm excited to see the finished bathroom! THat looks like a lot of work! I know how it is trying to accomplish projects with all the kids around---it goes about 5 times slower!!

The Horne's said...

Oh I can't wait to see it!! Scott re-did our bathroom before Brooklyn was born. There was CARPET in our bathroom! ICK!!! And it's amazing!!! I find it so amazing how our husbands can watch a video, read up on some stuff, and generally figure things out pretty easy!! God made them great!!!

Maryann said...

Wow, that is amazing. I agree that husbands are amazing at figuring these things out. Now that we have our own home, Clark has been excited about doing things too. We are just doing little things right now.

I will ask Clark if he knows anything about bathrooms. His main source for advice is his dad who seems to know how to fix everything. He lives in Salt Lake area. Let us know if you need any help. :) Good luck!