Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Honey and spiders

I ordered a 50lb bucket of raw local honey recently. I had saved a couple of 3-5 lb containers I'd gotten from Costco and other places so the other day I filled those up along with a few honey bee containers I'd saved, which are nice when drizzling honey on sandwiches. We love this honey. We love that it's local and seems to help with our seasonal allergies. We love that it's raw and contains vitamins and enzymes.

And completely changing the subject: My children think it's hilarious when they can scare me. The other day as we were walking out to the van, Elisabeth and Charlie were ahead of me, they stopped, looked down, gasped and said, "What's that?!" I looked down and saw a big black spider! I screamed. They bent over in laughter and then Charlie picked it up and showed me it was a plastic toy. My response to them was, "Ha, ha, ha. Very funny." That made them laugh even more. I'm just happy I'm able to provide some entertainment for the family(and I'm sure they learned this from their father who also finds it funny to scare me).


The Horne's said...

Elisa, where did you order the honey from? We go through honey alot with the bread I make and yes when we feel we are getting sick we take some honey with cinnamon to feel better quickly.

Elisa said...

Heidi, I get mine from a guy down in Provo Utah. His name is Stan and here is his website:
I'm not sure if he sends it out or not, you'll have to search the site a little or give him a call. Or perhaps he would know of other honey companies that are closer to you guys.