Monday, September 26, 2011

Home decor

I've added a few great home decor items to our house recently. A couple were do-it-yourself type projects. One I did with my friend Lindsay and we followed a tutorial that can be found here. I printed out a large photo of my family, bought an art canvas from Michael's and we mod podged it on there to make our own canvas photo. It turned out great and it was a lot cheaper(like $30 less) than what I spent to do it at Costco last year. Sorry that this picture is blurry. I'm not the greatest photographer :).

I found this bench at a yard sale. I really like it. It fits perfectly in our front room; the perfect spot to sit down and put your shoes on.
And last is another picture. When my sister got married recently, she got a picture of the temple they were married in, framed, in brown-and-white and it had the name of the temple and the date they were married. It looked beautiful and I wanted one. But when I checked Deseret Book to see how much it'd cost I decided I'd try and do it myself. Lindsay helped me find a better quality picture online of the Washington D.C. temple, then I edited it in Picasa, changing the color to sepia and adding the date we were married and the name of the temple and then I sent it off to and printed it out as a 16x20. I love the way it turned out and the most expensive thing ended up being the frame which was $15. So I spent $20 total instead of $200. Yay!


Janelle said...

I love the canvas family picture! When you say you printed it out, did you get it printed or just print it on normal paper? I've been wanting to get one, but haven't wanted to spend the $$!

Janelle said...

scratch that question, I should just follow your link... :)