Thursday, September 8, 2011

Elisabeth's mouth injury

Labor day, the kids and I stopped at a neighbors house for a few minutes. While we were outside visiting, they took out a washer toss game for the kids to play. The washers are about 5 inches in diameter and metal. I was turned away from the game talking, when I heard Elisabeth cry. I turned around and saw her standing about 3 feet away from another younger boy. They were facing each other and she was holding her mouth. Apparently one of the washers he was throwing hit her in the mouth. I went over to her to have a look and saw she was bleeding. I had to run after Jane who had walked far away, and left Elisabeth for a moment to the care of my neighbors; one got her ice and another held her and was catching the blood in his hand.

I couldn't tell how bad it was until after we got home and she'd iced it for awhile and had time to calm down. She has a big cut on the inside of her upper lip near her front teeth, two little cuts on the front of her face just above and just below her lips, and then it also hit her gums near her top teeth. That's the part we're most concerned with. The good news is that the tooth just next to her front teeth was already missing(a baby tooth recently lost) which is where she was hit. The bad news is the front tooth just next to that spot is a permanent one and was also hit and it's now a little bit wiggly. We went to see the dentist the next morning. He took some pictures and said that the pictures look alright for now but that the injury looks pretty bad and that if the nerve endings are going to die, it usually takes some time before that happens, sometimes up to six months. If it dies, she'll need a root canal. Root canals are awful things so we're praying that won't be the outcome(Scott gave her a blessing too). She missed a couple of days of school because her gums/teeth have been giving her pain and we're icing it around the clock. I went to her school this morning to get homework from the teacher and told him what was going on and asked that when she comes back to school that she not be allowed to go out to recess for about a week, and no sugar because it intensifies pain and is also bad for teeth. We'll see how everything turns out.

Elisabeth is sitting next to me now, reading this as I write and she asked me to include that after we went to the dentist(I got a babysitter for the 2 kids who are not in school), her and I went to Jamba Juice and then to Michael's and got a dolphin art project for her to work on :).

Sorry this is such a blurry picture but I had a hard time even getting one. She doesn't want anybody touching her mouth which is understandable.
Here are Elisabeth and Annabelle showing off their sticker earrings. Elisabeth says it's hard for her to smile because of her puffy lip, but I think it still looks great :)!


Angela said...

Oh...poor baby:( It's so hard to see your children in pain:(

The Horne's said...

Oh poor girl! Keep us posted on her tooth! Praying it doesn't die.