Sunday, July 10, 2011


This year we were able to spend the fourth of July, and the week after, in Seattle with my family. My oldest brother flew in from NY, another brother and his family came in from Eastern Washington, and both my sisters live near by, so all of my siblings, and our parents were able to spend it together.

Leia, Angelo, Bella, Elisabeth, Annabelle, and Charlie in the Hurricane Simulator. They did this after we ate dinner at a Buffet.

We usually make the drive all in one day, but this year we decided to split it up. We left Utah on Friday, spent the night in Oregon where we ate dinner at a park and went to an ice cream shop. Saturday Scott and I woke up around 330am and we left at 4am. I, in fact, was up much earlier than 330am. I only slept for probably an hour because 1.) the full-sized bed was uncomfortable and I could feel the springs through the mattress and 2.) I'm a bit of a worrier, just like my dear old dad. I had to get up a couple of times in the night to look at the van and make sure our luggage was still safely stored on top.

Here are some things we did while in Washington: attended a 4th of July parade, lit off fireworks,

At the parade: my sister Becca and her husband Blake, Scott, my dad, Robin and Fred(my bro) and a few of our kids.It was really warm during the day of the 4th, but that night we got a bit chilly while lighting fireworks. Annabelle and I snuggled up in a Spiderman blanket, and Elisabeth snuggled up with Uncle Luis.

My brother Luis and Elisabeth exercised most days, went to the park, had a BBQ with my half brother and his family,

Me, my half bro Michael and Jane went on a hike(it misted for most of that day, which was fine because we were sheltered by a canopy of trees during our hike. When we finished our hike, the skies cleared long enough that the kids could play at the park which was near our hike), visited Pike Place Market(we lost my 84-year-old dad there for about 10 scary minutes; that place is big and extremely crowded. Thank heavens for the power of prayer) and played in the huge musical water fountain at the Seattle Center(this was probably our favorite thing),

In this picture we tried to get the big cranes that take cargo off the ships. It was fun for the kids to see all the house boats and other boats everywhere.
Scott had two requests for Pike Place: 1.) that we go to the Wind-Up Toy store and get the kids something, and 2.) that we get the mini donuts they make there and sell.
It's always fun to watch the guys throwing the fish

The kids wanted us to take a picture of them on the pig statue. I stuck Annabelle up there and she started crying, saying that her foot hurt. I think there was something in her shoe. We took care of it after we snapped the photo.

Niece Lani, Jane and Lani's friend Elizabeth.

we went to Leavenworth( a city that's built to look like an old German town),

our family and my niece Leiavisited with family and ate lots of food. I gained a few pounds during that week. It's a good thing we didn't stay any longer because apparently I have a hard time eating right when I stay at my parents house and we have lots of family around wanting goodies for the holiday/vacation. I did do some good things like I brought my Blendtec and made green smoothies for everyone most days. I also made my pink smoothie a couple of times. But I ate way too many chips and desserts.

The night before our drive back home, my 13-year-old niece, Leia, asked if she could drive back with us and then fly back home. Her mom agreed and I told Leia that was fine but I thought she should know there's only one spot left in the van so she'd have to sit in between two car seats on our 14 hour drive home. She thought that was fine so she came home with us and we'll get to have her here with us for a couple of weeks which we're all excited about. On the way home we stopped first in Leavenworth and then went on to the tri-cities and stayed the night there with Fred and Robin and their family. Robin made a delicious pasta salad for dinner and we got to visit for awhile that evening which was nice. Both drives went pretty well. 14 hour drives are never fun in my opinion(and in the opinion of my children), but we made the best out of it. Of our four children, Jane was the best during the road trip. There was one time after we stopped at a gas station that she started to cry when she realized we were getting right back in, but she was quickly made happy again. The other kids did pretty well too. There was some whining and fighting but it wasn't terrible. They all napped a little in the morning(we left Fred and Robin's at 430am) and we had coloring books, movies, audio books, snacks and wrapped gifts with new activities for them to open in the car.
Charlie bought this knight and horse while we were in Leavenworth. I think it was a pretty good purchase. They entertained him for a couple of hours on the drive home.


Angela said...

Makes me happy and sad at the same time:) I'm glad you were all able to spend time together. We miss you.

Elisa said...

Angela, It's hard being so far away from both sides of the family. But we love, love when you(and your hubby of course) come to visit. I wish the drive to NC wasn't quite so long. You should come out again soon.