Saturday, July 16, 2011

Park and chore charts

Leia, the kids and I walked to a park this week that's about a mile-and-a-half away. Well I walked with the two youngest in the stroller, Elisabeth and Char biked and Leia scootered. Annabelle always dresses herself and usually does a pretty good job at matching outfits, though this particular days' choice was a little interesting. But I let her go to the park in her mismatched outfit anyway(two different socks with two different colors, plus the clashing top and skirt; it was pretty brilliant). We left around 9am and played for about an hour before we decided to head home. We didn't want to have to walk home in the heat. About 5 minutes into our walk home, in started to rain. And then it started to pour, and then rain again. I ran most of the way home. We all got pretty wet. Jane and Annabelle stayed reasonably dry because of the stroller canopy. The rain stopped and the sun began to shine once we were safely sheltered in the walls of our home :). A friend told me later I should have called her and had her pick us up. My response was, "I grew up in Seattle. We do everything in the rain." And that's the truth. I honestly didn't mind. It was kind of fun. The kids whined a little, but I think it was good for them. Here's a picture Leia snapped of Jane and I when we got home.
A couple of weeks ago I found these chore charts online, printed them off and laminated them. Each of the three oldest kids has their own. We keep it in the kitchen(b/c we're in there very often) on our magnetic door and they check off each chore they complete that day. If they check off all the chores in a day, they get to put a fuzzy in the jar. If by the end of the week, the entire chart is full, they get to put a few fuzzies in the jar. So far, they like it pretty well. I find that they're doing some of these chores without constant reminders from me anymore because they can see it on their chart and they want to check them off. I hope they keep it up.


The Horne's said...

What happens when there are enough fuzzies in the jar? :-D

kelley said...

I love Annabelle's outfit. It seems so fitting for her personality...
And btw, you look fab. I may need to mimic your exact post-baby workout/nutrition plan.