Monday, July 18, 2011

Fuzzy Jar

This is our fuzzy jar. We used to do a 'bean jar', but after hearing a talk in general conference that President Monson gave about 'warm fuzzies' in the fuzzy jar, I thought it seemed like a more cheerful looking option. And we can fill up our jars quicker with the fuzzies which is more rewarding for the kids. We have one pint jar that all the kids put fuzzies into, and when the jar is full we get to do something fun together as a family.

Here are some of the things we give fuzzies for:
listening the first time you're asked to do something
filling out your chore chart
positive problem solving
speaking kindly to a sibling or friend
helping a sibling with something
random acts of kindness

I try and be generous with the fuzzies so that the kids have a fun family activity to look forward to regularly. They fill it up about every other week, sometimes every week. Most of the activities we do are free or inexpensive, though every once in a while we'll do something that might cost a little more. Many of these activities are things they love so we do them over and over again. And sometimes, Scott and I were planning to do one of these activities anyway, so it works out nicely.

Here are some of our family activity reward ideas:

play at a new park(or one we haven't been to in awhile)
bike ride
movie from the Redbox or library, and popcorn
splash park
dollar movie theater
water balloon fight
ice cream
camping (sometimes just in the backyard)
roller skating
stay up an hour past normal bedtime reading books with mom and dad
go out for dinner

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