Friday, July 29, 2011

Camping, Boondocks, date nights

My 13-year-old niece Leia came to visit recently. Her family never travels here so we wanted to get some fun things in during her stay. A couple of those things were camping in our backyard and Boondocks. We set up our big tent and then roasted marshmallows around the fire pit. Leia and the three oldest kids slept in the tent while Scott, Jane and I slept in our beds :). We had never been to Boondocks before, but I knew Leia loved places like this so we bought a couple of gift cards from Costco and went to Boondocks for an evening. We took turns going on the different attractions because someone needed to stay with Jane. Annabelle and Charlie liked the bumper boats the best. Elisabeth liked the go carts. I think she would've enjoyed the
bumper boats more if it hadn't have been for this obnoxious father and his three sons(probably ages 10-14). Leia thought the dad may have been a little tipsy. They surrounded Scott and Elisabeth(by orders of their father) and completely drenched them from head to toe. The dad would get really close to Scott and cover the spray hole in such a way that they really got them good. His sons followed his example. And then the dad would laugh this awfully loud and obnoxious Pluto(from mickey mouse) type laugh. When it was time for everyone to bring their boats over; of course father and son stayed out longer than they were supposed to and then when they went over to the side, they sprayed Scott some more who was no longer in his boat(and which they were all told before hand by the employee, not to do). I watched from the side as all this took place and couldn't help imagining how these boys would behave in school with such a father as an example. I'm chuckling as I write this. I'm really not mad; but it was certainly obnoxious.

We went swimming in a pool a couple of times while Leia was here and Leia babysat the kids for us twice so Scott and I could go on a date. We saw Harry Potter 7, the second part, on opening day which was fun. I didn't dress up this year (I have black robes and a Gryffindor scarf I crocheted some years ago; I also have a pair of Harry Potter looking glasses) which was a relief to Scott :). For our other date night, we went out for Indian food as part of our anniversary celebration. The temple was closed on our anniversary, so we went the day after to do our traditional sealing session. I love doing this. When we do sealings in celebration of our anniversary, it really helps you think and remember the promises you made all those years ago. We found ourselves looking into each others eyes a lot and smiling. Afterward, as we were going down the escalator, a woman in her 50's who was in there with us, asked if we were newly weds. We explained to her that we like to come here on our anniversary and she added, "just the way you were looking at each other...". We took it as a compliment.

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carrie r. said...

I love the comment the lady made to you at the temple. That is so sweet! I love how in a Christ-centered marriage you just fall more in love with one another as time goes by. :)