Thursday, June 9, 2011

Spring at last!

Winter this year seemed to drag on, and on and on. We have had a very wet spring; lots of snow and rain. But this past week or two has been beautiful! We've been able to bike Elisabeth to school each morning for the past couple of weeks. I put Jane and Annabelle in the trailer and Charlie and Elisabeth are on their two-wheelers and we ride off. Elisabeth and Charlie are fast, keeping up with them, with my trailer attached, is sometimes a challenge. But a fun challenge and we sure love being outside.

All the snow this year caused a medium sized tree we had near our porch to really droop. It looked so sad. After looking that way for months, we finally took it down. It concealed part of the porch, so with the new open space we were able to add a bench. It sits in the shade for most of the day and we love it and use it often. After the kids had gone to bed last night, Scott and I went out and sat on the bench for awhile and visited; we also shared a piece of apple pie that our neighbors brought over :). It was a nice evening. I love being out in nature. The weather was wonderful and the company was even better.

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