Friday, June 3, 2011

Heeding the promptings of the Holy Spirit

I am so grateful we have a loving Heavenly Father who watches over us.

Last night I decided to let Jane sleep in a onesie with shorts. For many months she's been sleeping in those full body sleepers because of the weather. She also has had a runny nose with lots of sneezing (I think from allergies), so I let the humidifier run in her room last night. Before I went to bed I cracked her door open because of the humidifier. Usually she sleeps with the door closed. I did my typical night time routine and laid down in bed. Then I realized I'd left my door open; normally I'd jump up to close it. I always close my door before I go to bed. I sleep better with the door shut because Charlie's room is right next to ours and he sometimes talks in his sleep which wakes me up and Jane is also close by and sometimes she'll make little noises that will wake me if the door is open. But last night, I felt prompted to leave it open.

Shortly after lying down, I heard Jane fuss. I listened for a minute but then she was quiet. Shortly thereafter I heard her fuss again, but then quiet down. I decided that if she fussed again I'd get up and check on her and grab another pillow for myself because I was dealing with allergies as well and I wanted my head propped up. Sure enough, around midnight Jane fussed again, but then got quiet. I walked into her room, and could barely see a thing. All the kids rooms have those blackout shades in them so it's pitch black. I went over to her to see if I could get a better look and I noticed she was asleep on her back and from what I could tell, her head was not under the covers and she looked fine; but then again, it was really dark.

I turned to leave but felt prompted to touch her leg; perhaps she's cold, I thought. It felt fine. I turned to leave again, but felt prompted to touch her other leg. I thought the prompting seemed strange, but did it anyway. I reached down to where I thought her other leg would be, and I couldn't find it. I put my hands to her waist and from there I found her thigh, but then my hands couldn't go any further down her leg because there were the bars for the crib. Her thigh was stuck tight in between the bars, with her leg hanging out of the crib. That's why she had been whining. I tried to lift it up and out but I couldn't. I tried again. Nope. It was really stuck. At this point she woke up and started to cry. I called out for Scott and asked him to hurry. He came in, we turned on the light and when he saw the way her leg was stuck he gasped. Working together we were able to get her leg unstuck and out of the crib, but it did require some effort on both parts and a couple of attempts. Her thigh was red and she cried after that for a little while. I brought her to my room until she calmed down. Once she was calm I had her try and stand up. It was hard for her, but she did it; though she wouldn't walk and started to cry when I had her try. I laid her down with Scott while I took the crib bumper down from the closet that I had just put up a couple of weeks ago, and got it tied up in the crib again.

I know that I was prompted to keep my door open last night so that I could hear Jane's quiet cries. I'm grateful I woke up and checked on Jane when I did, because if her leg was stuck there all night, in such a tight hold, I'm not sure how her leg would have fared in the morning with the lack of blood flow. I know I was prompted to reach out and touch both of her legs. I'm grateful I heeded those promptings. I'm grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost and that we can have His influence in our lives. Once we got Jane back to bed I was overcome with feelings of gratitude and love for our Savior.

*To relieve any worried grandparents, Jane was fine this morning and is walking around while holding the furniture as we speak.


The Horne's said...

My goodness. Thank you Lord! Yes. My mom had a few of those growing up with us. And I have had them myself. It's always good to give credit to the Holy Spirit, because that is exactly who is giving us those "intuitions." If you are really worried, I'd suggest a video monitor. We thought they were a bit over board at first but we LOVE ours. It's color during the day and black and white at night. The monitor is the size of a small cell phone. It's *Summer brand. Anyways, we have looked at it and realized B is in a weird position or tangled, or, her foot was stuck up in the bar of her crib, same thing.
If you are going to have more babies, we TOTALLY recommend the video monitor!

Angela said...

Poor little girl:( I bet you were a bit frantic. I think Heavenly Father
provides extra help for mommies to be intuitive with their children. Such a blessing. I'm glad her cute little leg is okay. I miss you all:(

Elisa said...

Heidi, thanks for the tip about the video monitor. I'm going to have to look into those if we have another baby.

We miss you too Angela!