Saturday, June 25, 2011

Father's Day

I know this is late, but things are crazy around this house, which is actually pretty typical :). Sunday morning, per request, I made whole wheat pancakes and sausage for Scott's Father's day breakfast. The kids went shopping with me earlier in the week(always an adventure) and together, they picked out a tie for dad. He loved it and wore it to church that afternoon. We also got him a pizza stone. Scott and I were given one as a wedding gift but unfortunately, we left it in one of the many apartments we'd lived in and never got it back. Off and on for years, he'd mentioned how he'd like to have one again. We had home-made pizza for dinner. It was really good.
A couple of my favorite memories of Scott with the kids this year: 1. Watching him help coach Charlie's t-ball team. Scott really gets into it and is such a good teacher for those little kids. 2. Seeing Scott teach the kids about gardening and allowing them to get involved and even plant and harvest their own gardens. 3. Seeing Scott read books to the kids at night and listening to him sing to them.

Scott is such a great dad. The kids are so lucky to have him(so am I!). He's a hard worker and teaches them to do the same, but he also plays with them and has fun. We sure love Scott and are so grateful to have him.

Scott and I are both very grateful for our fathers and the things they have taught us as well. Much of who we are now is the result of our parents and we recognize all they did and still do and love and appreciate them very much.

Happy Father's Day to all the many, wonderful dad's out there!

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