Monday, June 20, 2011

A day in the life...

*I wrote this post a few days ago and forgot about it until now:

Here's a glimpse into a day in the life of a young mom of four. I'm going to record yesterdays happenings since I can remember most of what happened then, but generally, every day of the week is as busy as this:
640am-a little child (or two, I can't remember) walks quietly into our room

7am-I roll out of bed and onto my knees to pray. I get dressed in my running shoes and exercise clothes. I'm ready to start my day.

7-830am- I get granola and milk out for two kids, toast with peanut butter and honey for two others. I get out all the greens and fruits from the fridge and freezer and make green smoothies for everyone. Pack Elisabeth's lunch, remind children(several times) to get dressed. We fix Elisabeth's hair, say our family prayer, Scott takes off to work and I get the kids on our bikes and we take Elisabeth and a neighbor to school.

830-930am- We're back home and I exercise. Stephany and I did a Zumba video.

930-1130am- I put Jane down for a nap. Stephany and I (she's my great niece who is 20 and visiting from Mexico) plant tomatoes and peppers. We mow the front and back lawn and do some weeding. We stop halfway through mowing the lawn and take a break to finish our green smoothies and make snacks for the kids(on other days when the lawn doesn't need to be mowed I do laundry, clean bathrooms, bake granola, or bread or granola bars etc...but there's always something to do that needs to be done).

1130-1230- we shower and get dressed and clean up the kitchen

1230-130 we make and eat lunch and clean the kitchen again. I usually sweet the kitchen floor 2-3 times a day.

130-3 -I put Annabelle down for a nap. Jane and I run to Costco and then to another grocery store.

3-430 we eat snacks. Then we help Elisabeth and Annabelle clean and organize their rooms. We clean a couple other rooms.

430-515 we take the kids to a store to find something for Scott for father's day

515-545 Elisabeth practices the piano while I tidy up the kitchen and get dinner ready

6-945pm we have old roommates and their families over for a BBQ! We eat, play, visit and have a great time.

945-1050pm(this is 2 hours later than our usual getting-ready-for-bed-time) We sing songs, read scriptures, say prayers and the kids go to bed. The adults tidy up a bit(I also get to have one of my roommates from BYU stay with us for a couple of nights with her kids which we're loving) and Scott makes a fruit Odwalla-type smoothie for us. (on other days, sometimes I'll blog during this time; either that or I blog on Sunday when the kids are sleeping).

1050-1130pm-we retire to our rooms, read scriptures, pray and turn out the lights.


I was telling my friend the other day that being a parent has taught me so many things, one of which is how to make the best use of my time and get rid of things that are time-wasters. I don't read nearly as many fiction novels as I used to. I still read probably one a month(usually the book club book), but that's a lot less than before. And I still read other books. Right now on my living room bookshelf(which are the books I'm currently reading) are, "Raising your spirited Child" and a couple of travel guides for Utah as we'll be doing a couple of camping trips this summer. I read those here and there when I have 5 minutes to sit down for a minute and rest. Life is definitely full. I forget things, or forget to do things regularly. But I've learned to handle a lot, and I've learned to write things down on my calendar and refer to it often which also really helps with the remembering piece.

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