Thursday, June 23, 2011

Can you tell what I'm doing?

Can you tell what I'm doing from this photo? Well, too many things at once(cleaning, cooking, sorting through Elisabeth's school papers) but more specifically I'm working on Elisabeth's birthday cake. My kitchen always looks like a tornado just came through when I'm working on a cake. It's challenging trying to make and color frosting, bake cakes, cut and stack cakes, decorate etc, all the while trying to keep other parts of the house clean, children fed and on top of their school work.

Elisabeth originally decided on donuts for her birthday instead of cake, which my first thought was, 'less work for me!', but then I also thought that was odd because she loves cake, and I decorate fancy cakes. Anyway, I asked her a couple of weeks ago if that's still what she wanted and I told her that I didn't mind making her a birthday cake and in fact I'd be happy too. That's when she said, "But mom, it's so much work for you and it takes up so much of your time." I thought that was really sweet. Until the next day when she got really specific about the little details concerning her cake. I mean really specific. Like not only did she want a butterfly and rainbow cake, but she wanted the butterfly to be under the standing up 3-d rainbow and she wanted other smaller butterflies and she wants a rainbow border around the cakes. Sheesh! I guess part of that comes from having a cake decorating mom. :)


carrie r. said...

The rainbow looks cool. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product. Your cakes are always such a work of art! I also really want to know what you though of the buttercream fondant and if it turned out for you.

Elisa said...

Carrie! Thanks so much for the fondant recipe. I tried it out and it was better than my other one. I, in fact, had to stick a piece of gum in my mouth while I was cutting and shaping my fondant pieces because I kept eating the pieces I cut off :). So it does taste better than other fondants, but I do still prefer butter cream frosting for covering an entire cake just because of the soft, fluffiness. I love that consistency :). But this will be my new go-to recipe whenever I do fondant pieces/toppers to go on the cakes(which I do on most of my cakes now). Thanks again!