Sunday, June 12, 2011

Agave Whipped Cream

One Saturday morning, I wanted to have fancy pancakes for breakfast. Fancy meaning with extra toppings. I cut up banana slices, we had our pure maple syrup and the coconut syrup (on my recipe page here on the blog), blueberries, and then I decided to try and make whipped cream adding a little agave for the sweetener. It turned out great. I stacked a couple of pancakes, put banana slices in the middle and on top, with some whipped cream and coconut syrup. It was SO yummy! Definitely a special treat. Below is a recipe I put together for how I made my agave whipped cream(they are approximate numbers since I didn't actually use any measuring utensils). I forgot to take a picture, but if you've ever seen homemade whipped cream, this looks exactly the same.

Agave Whipped Cream
2 c heavy whipping cream
3 Tbsp agave
2 tsp vanilla

In a mixer whip the cream on high speed until peaks form. Add in agave and vanilla and mix together.

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