Wednesday, June 29, 2011

7 years ago...

7 years ago Elisabeth was born. Sadly, she is my only child that doesn't have a written account recorded by mom of the birth day details. Last night I went through all my old journals(this was before I started blogging) and there was one short paragraph about Elisabeth's birth. It basically told the time she was born and her birth statistics. I'm sorry Elisabeth. I thought that I would forever remember all the exact details of that day, since you were my first born and everything was so new and special, but sadly, 7 years later, I'm finding that the memories are fading. In order for us to not lose all the memories from that day, I will now take the time to write down what both your dad and I remember.

Warning: Some of the details may seem a little gross(births are bloody and messy) to some of my readers. Proceed with caution.

Scott and I were attending BYU in June 2004. I had just resigned from my on campus job working at a copy center with my most beloved boss Bob. He was like a second father to me. He really took care of me when I was sick and pregnant, working and going to school.

Spring term had finished and I was taking Summer term off of school because of the upcoming birth of our first baby. The morning of June 28th, I woke up and went to the bathroom and discovered a little blood on my toilet paper. Scott and I went to the hospital to get me checked. I was 9 months pregnant, due July 2nd. I was hooked up to monitors and after an hour was sent home, but was told that I was having fairly regular contractions(Maybe I have a high pain tolerance because I couldn't feel them at that point) and that I would probably be back soon. Scott went to school and then to his on campus job. While he was at work, in the late afternoon, I vaguely remember emailing him, letting him know that I started feeling the contractions. I went for a short walk, maybe a half mile, and then came home because it was hot and I was uncomfortable(being large and having contractions makes an unpleasant pair). When Scott got home we probably had dinner. After dinner, we put on a movie(I think it was Ice Age) and I tried to watch it while we timed contractions. Around 10 or 1030 we went to the Hospital and checked in.

Scott reminded me last night as we were going through these details that prior to our hospital visit, my visiting teaching companion warned me about a certain anesthesiologist. She said something like, "if you get the Indian guy, ask for someone else." Guess who I had. The indian guy. Scott and I were a little nervous, but everything went well and we had no problems with the epidural. Once I got the epidural, both Scott and I were able to relax and even fall asleep. Around 4 am(this detail was in my journal) I called the nurse in and told her that something was feeling weird down there. She checked and sure enough something weird was going on. My amniotic sac was hanging half way out. She called the on-call doctor in and when he touched it, it broke in his hands. I didn't see anything, but apparently there was a lot of fluid. Scott said it looked like a water balloon. After that, things happened really fast. I pushed a few times and Elisabeth was born at 4:44am(Jane came at the same exact time), weighing 6 lb 13oz and 19 inches long. I remember feeling very emotional when I first saw her little body coming out of mine. What a miracle. Every baby is a blessing from God and I felt very blessed to have her there, in my arms, at last.

Elisabeth has truly been a blessing in our lives. She has taught us so much about love, joy, patience, compassion, and so many other things. She is an amazing little girl and we're so happy she was born into our family. We love you Elisabeth! Happy Birthday!

* Picture of our new family. Something interesting was that toward the end of my pregnancy I got a rash on my face under my mouth and also warts on my fingers. I'd never had either one of these before. After Elisabeth was born I went to a dermatologist and took care of both of these. They've never shown up since.

*Now back to the present: Elisabeth had a combined friend birthday party at the Splash Park last week. We did it with a good friend of hers, who is in the same church class. They're only about a week apart and both of them are named Elisabeth(though her friend spells it with a 'z' and goes by Libby). Here are pictures from their party. I'll do a separate post of the 'butterfly and rainbow cake' she requested.

*Requests from Elisabeth on her actual birthday:
-french toast for breakfast(we also opened family presents at this time. Her two gift requests were a tea set and a new outfit with capri leggings. This is the first year she got so specific. I also took one of her old shirts that had 'Elisabeth' printed on it, filled it, sewed it up and turned it into a pillow for her. Scott used to have a t-shirt pillow that he loved; Elisabeth loves hers too.)

-Mom come and eat lunch at school at the birthday table and bring a grilled cheese sandwich and a donut

-Rock Creek Pizza Co for dinner. Normally we won't do a friend party and have the whole family eat out for dinner but last week I found a 50% off coupon online for this very place she loves and requested, so we decided to do it.


Krissy said...

Wow! I can't believe Elisabeth is 7! I remember coming to visit not long after she was born. I can't believe you left that part out. :) You guys look so young in those pictures. Happy Birthday to Elisabeth!!!

berrymom said...

Happy Birthday Elisabeth!

The Horne's said...

I just can't believe you have a 7 year old!! That's so crazy! So fun to hear her story! Happy Bday Elisabeth!