Thursday, May 26, 2011

Visit from Grandpa Smith

Wow, I can't believe it's been over a week since my last post. That's quite a space for me. There are two reasons why: One, Grandpa came for a visit(pictures below) and two, we are on a 30 day free trial of Netflix. After having this for a couple of weeks, I told Scott we can never, ever have this in real life :). It's just too much of a temptation to sit and watch all of these instant play movies. We've seen a few really good ones, like last night we watched, 'My girlfriends boyfriend', a romantic comedy, and I recently watched, 'Amish Grace,' which is a true story about the shooting at the Amish school a couple years ago. After the first 20 minutes into that movie, I was a complete mess, bawling throughout the entire thing. It was sad, but clean and uplifting at the same time, and true stories keep my attention. We've been able to find a whole list of pretty clean movies. Either way, it's a huge waste of time and it shows up in many areas, like in my kitchen and on this blog. I'm just not getting other things done. But we only have a couple weeks left. :)

Grandpa Smith came for our ward's annual father/son camp out. They had it in the church lot this year which is basically in our backyard. And they forgot to take the camera. But honestly, even if they did take the camera, we may have gotten one picture because when I leave camera duty up to the men in the family, it just doesn't happen :). But we did take the camera(meaning I was there and I was in charge of the camera) to the Bees baseball game. There were fireworks at the end of the game. That was the kids favorite part-- though Annabelle was a little scared...and Jane during some parts. All four kids could care less about actually watching the baseball game. Mostly they just wanted us to walk them around the stadium and then they'd beg us to buy everything they saw. Most of which was junk: hot dogs, slushies, ice cream, deep fried funnel cakes with powdered sugar. I made sure we were all stuffed full of food before we went for this very reason. We did find a cute granny shaping balloons. The girls got tiaras and Charlie got a sword.
Watching(or hiding from) the fireworks:
Thanks for coming to visit Grandpa!

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The Horne's said...

Yes, missed your posts!! Glad you had a great time with Scott's dad!