Saturday, May 14, 2011

Scattered thoughts

1. The other day, Elisabeth was sitting at the table eating scrambled eggs and ketchup for breakfast. I was cooking or cleaning, also in the kitchen, when she turned to me and said, "Mom, did you know this has high fructose corn syrup in it?" I turned to face her and saw she was reading the ingredients on the label, something I do often. She knows all about the effects of high fructose corn syrup among other things. I smiled and said, "Yes, I did. But I have recently found a brand of ketchup that doesn't have any so I will pick some up next time I'm at the store." Wow. Sometimes the things our kids say take me by surprise. Before then, I honestly didn't know she knew that phrase. Sometimes I think I'm just talking at them, but no ones really paying attention. But I guess this shows I'm wrong. They're just following our lead. Another reminder that I need to always be a good example.

This brings to mind another example which was more of a slap in the face: one morning last week, I could hear Elisabeth and Charlie going at it. He apparently was taking her things so she yelled at him and when that didn't solve the problem, she hit him. Big, no-no in our house. I came out of my room to talk with her and to our crying Charlie. I was completely calm and cool, probably because of the conversation Scott and I had the night before about us really working on not raising our voices. And we're stronger in the mornings anyway. I asked Lis and Char what happened. They both told the same story which was a good start. I told Elisabeth that if someone is hurting someone else or yelling at them, they need to be alone in their room because others don't want to be around that(this rule is nothing new, by way). She looked up to me and said, "Then why don't you go to your room when you do it?" I responded with, "I have never hit any of you, have I?" Elisabeth's answer was, "No, but you use a loud voice sometimes." This, my friends, is sadly true. I don't scream and I don't go crazy, but sometimes I do raise my voice to an uncomfortable level; one I feel bad about later and need to apologize for. So I told her then that I'm working on it and that if and when she catches me using a loud voice, she can let me know and I'll go take a little time-out.

2. I received an email from Netflix recently offering us another 30 day free trial. I signed up and last night Scott and I started watching an online BBC movie/tv show that I'd heard about. Scott and I are not regular tv watchers and the movies we watch are squeaky clean. Which is one of the reasons why we're not tv watchers(too much trash on tv). The other reason is that we're just too busy. So anyway, we'd heard about this show and we thought we'd give it a try. When we were about an hour into it, something extremely questionable happened and we immediately turned it off. No discussion. No questions asked. It was just off and over with. It's so nice to be able to do that and to have a husband who is on the same page. I really hope our children will follow our lead.

3. Last week for our relief society activity we had a Zumba class and then a class on skin care. Both were excellent. I had never done Zumba until this week. We had an instructor come and teach a class and it was so much fun! It's basically Salsa, Meringue type dancing and is very aerobic. I talked with the instructor prior to the class starting and she told me she teaches for free every Saturday morning at a church building that's only about 10-15 minutes away from where I live. I went today and worked up a good sweat. I'll be going whenever I possibly can.

4. Jane is now 13 months. She's still not walking but she's getting closer. She will now walk along furniture, she'll walk with her walking toy, and she'll pull herself up from the ground to a couch or some other furniture that's her height. It's funny to watch her try and sit down again when she's standing up to furniture. She grips the item with her hands and then sits back as far as she can, still gripping the top, slowly sliding her hands down the item until her bum is pretty close to the floor and then she drops to the ground. Here are a couple of pictures. In the last picture, if you look closely, she's kind of upset. Sometimes she gets upset just before she drops and when she can't feel how much farther she has to go down.

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