Sunday, April 10, 2011


1. My sister and I were able to celebrate our April birthdays together, which is uncommon. She was here on her actual birthday so we did a couple of typical birthday celebratory activities, for the kids. Later that night Scott, me, Becca, Blake(her fiance) and her friend Jamie went out for dessert. I know I've said this before but sisters really are the best. Especially when you're older and you can really appreciate one another.

2. We had quite a bit of snow this month, in April. Sunday morning, general conference morning, we woke up and saw that a big chunk of our neighbors tree and fallen into the street and was blocking half of the road. This neighbor was a part of the filming crew for conference and had to leave early in the morning. While they were gone, many of the other neighbors got together, including Scott, and went to work on that tree. It was fun and sweet to watch. They got the wood all chopped up and moved out of the way. I love our neighbors.

3. Seeing Christine. Christine is an old friend from Washington. We were good friends in junior high. We got back in touch this past year through blogging. She lives in Utah as well. She recently had a baby shower and I was able to go and visit with her.
4. Charlie fell asleep after his shower, still naked, wrapped up in a towel. I guess he was tired.


Brian said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE that you went to Christine's shower!!!! That's so great! You both look great! And I'm so happy for Becca! Fred told me that he's a great guy and even said that if Becca didn't marry him, that HE would!!! :-D That's a good sign!

The Horne's said...

Shoot, I'm using a friends computer, and that last comment was from me, Heidi!

Elisa said...

Heidi, as soon as I read, "oh my gosh" I figured it was a girl on a guy's account :). And yes, Blake is a great guy. We're pretty excited for them.

The Clarks said...

Thanks for coming Elisa!!! It was so great to see you! I also wanted to tell you that you look so good! You are just beautiful! Tell your hubby thank you for watching the kids. And tell Becca Hi for me.